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April 24, 2011
Zombie Easter Rabbit V Mon egg a digital illustration by *kidchuckle
Featured by Moonbeam13
Suggested by AdigunPolack
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Zombie Easter Rabbit V Mon egg

Zombie Easter Rabbit Vs Monster Eggs
Creepy Chibi is doing a contest.
Thought this would be a fun Mashup of Halloween and Easter

This one animates if you see it in full view (but you need firefox or opera to view it)
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Sneakin around, hidin eggs.... I knew that easter bunny was upta somethin!
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this thing is scaring me!
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close your eyes.
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It just keeps going and going
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I'm creating a trading card game based on Zombies and Necromancy...

I am curious if I may use this in my game?

On the bottom of the cards, I place the name of the creator of the creature on the bottom left.

I would LOVE to use this in my game.
kidchuckle's avatar
sorry I don't feel comfortable with that.
I also don't like to lend out my I.P. unless I have total control and compensated for it.
Thanks though.
PlayboyVampire's avatar
Okay... thank you for your time.
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This is so insanely amazing... just, wow... :o
Congrats on the DD. =P
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oh thank you thank you
there's even alink to it moving around/animated
Goldchild's avatar
You're welcome!
Oh yes, I just watched it on Youtube, and I almost thought I could touch it.:XD:
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Keep a gun at your hips and a prayer on your lips
for the Bunnypocalypse!
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Happy Easter !! You have been featured in my journal, here >> [link]
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