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Retro Halloween Invasion

Just some retro Halloween stuff.
I wanted to get that old Godzilla poster feel.
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thank you! yeah that one was fun to do. (that little boy was me .. shhhhh keep it secret keep it safe)
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nice idea.....XD
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Retro-Futurism is just about my favourite thing in the entire known universe; your gallery continues to expertly tick all of my boxes :heart:
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awwww thanks again... :D
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hey dude can i just ask, did you colour that digitaly and if so what brushes did you use? i realy want to get the painted look :)
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oh of course you can ask. Ummm well to be honest I rarely use anything other then the round brush. I work very large like at 600 dpi (6000 or 8000 pixels). But for that halloween one.. the only difference I did compared to other paintings.. I threw a texture layer on top put a blend mode on it. It really breaks up things. Gives a little more warmth.
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thanks alot dude I do all my colouring with a round brush aswell but i realy want to get a painted look to it :) cheers dude the help is priceless :)
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oh one more thing I thought of. After I tend to flatten thelayers.. and sometimes I tweak by using the smudge tool to blend. Butthats pretty much it.
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cooool :) cheers dude im working on my own bmovie type of work so i want to get that old vintage look :)
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oh cool! you'll have to show me when you're done. I recommend using cement textures/dirt textures to slap on top (with a blend mode.. like multiply or colour or something)
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thanks dude!! im kinda lost when it comes to doing all this sort of stuff lol but im writing these tips down lol :)
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well its fun experimenting...

here's a old tutorial!
by Leslie Mc Clain.
his stuff rocks!
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Great colors! You really captured that retro feel. :)
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hey thanks.. yeah I love the retro stuff!
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Really amazing retro style! Cool! ^u^
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Great one!!! I love your style!
that red light on the kid makes the difference!
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hey thanks! yeah I hadn't tried anything like that before... glad it worked out ok.
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haha u r the man bro!
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thanks! whats new whats happening these days?
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not much! working a lot! suffering with deadlines haha! working on new portfolio as well! that takes lot of time:(
how bout u man!! whats new???
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Looks like you!! Awesome ;)
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