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Thanks for the faves!

Are you telling SmashuFrontier to add these characters I saw just now?

Still working on this?

Bill Murphy

Maureen Murphy

Kevin Murphy

Riley Andersen (Inside Out)

Manon Chamack (Miraculous)

Yuuta Iridatsu (Saiki K.)

Junior (Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race)

Bing Bong

Katie Power (Earth 5632)

Jack Power (Earth 5632)

Julie Power (Earth 5632)

Franklin Richards (Earth 5632)

Marinette Dupain-Cheng (Miraculous)

Adrien Agreste (Miraculous)

Alya Cesaire (Miraculous)

Nino Lahiffe (Miraculous)

Juleka Couffaine (Miraculous)

Rose Lavillant (Miraculous)

Mylene Haprele (Miraculous)

Ivan Bruel (Miraculous)

Le Chien Kim (Miraculous)

Alix Kubdel (Miraculous)

Max Kante (Miraculous)

Sabrina Raincomprix (Miraculous)

Nathaniel Kurtzberg (Miraculous)

Felix Agreste (Miraculous PV Trailer)

Aurore Beaureal (Miraculous)

Kagami Tsurugi (Miraculous)

Luka Couffaine (Miraculous)

Wayhem (Miraculous)

Jessica Keynes (Miraculous)

Aeon (Miraculous)

Max (Camp Camp)

Audrey (Harvey Street Kids)

Neil (Camp Camp)

Nikki (Camp Camp)

Dot (Harvey Street Kids)

Lotta (Harvey Street Kids)

Harrison (Camp Camp)

Bobby the Elder (Harvey Street Kids)

Nerris (Camp Camp)

Lucretia (Harvey Street Kids)

Space Kid (Camp Camp)

Tiny (Harvey Street Kids)

Nurf (Camp Camp)

Frufru (Harvey Street Kids)

Preston (Camp Camp)

The Bow (Harvey Street Kids)

Dolph (Camp Camp)

Melvin (Harvey Street Kids)

Fredo (Harvey Street Kids)

Pinkeye (Harvey Street Kids)

Ered (Camp Camp)

Gerald (Harvey Street Kids)

Bojack Horseman

Gaz Digzy (Ballmastrz 9009)

Ace Ambling (Ballmastrz 9009)

Flip Chameleon (Ballmastrz 9009)

Margu (Klaus)

Cindy Lou (The Grinch 2018)

Shinra Kusakabe (Fire Force)

Arthur Boyle (Fire Force)

Kosame Isshiki (Appare-Ranman)

Crazy TJ (Appare-Ranman)

Sorry for the very long absence.

I've actually been working on a series of brand-new projects connected to a new headcanon I've been working on. Don't get me wrong, I haven't forgotten about Springfield Bound. However, during my road to flash drive recovery, I encountered one particularly nasty road bump that screwed me over in 2016, and ever since....

That road bump, was a Netflix original animated sitcom called F is for Family. And no, unlike The Simpsons and Family Guy, there is zero-fun to be found there (contrary to what the overzealous and obnoxious hive minds on the internet, especially that show's subreddit have to say). It's unbelievable how bitter, harsh, crude, and volatile this show can be, from the main character, to the supporting characters, to the "humor"/imagery, down to how the family interacts with one another, and treat one individual in particular. The biggest victim in this show is middle child: Bill Murphy, in the first season alone.

Normally, with anime like Fullmetal Alchemist, Summer Wars, and other works like Persepolis, Family Dog, Stressed Eric, and even Neg Tooferab (DO NOT GOOGLE), I can shove those away in the darkest corners of my mind and bury them underneath other things. But this show is a trap, which entered my radar, and I made the mistake of watching all six episodes in a row. After experiencing their world, its characters, and problems that arose, this show became a plaguing memory that still keeps me up at night, mainly because its first season did little to resolve the problems it set up.

Overall, because of the bad experience I had with this show and the fact that it receives nothing but raw praise and zero-negative criticism, I've decided to break away from writers' direction and create my own headcanon as compensation, in favor of Bill Murphy, tackling all the problems in this show's crooked world, and any artistic direction I see fit.

As for Springfield Bound, my interest in the Simpsons franchise is sadly all but gone, mainly due to how much of a joke the writing and lack consistency in Seasons 24 to now have become. I have watched a few specific episodes between those seasons (even added some more new characters and plot devices), but if I have to spend time reading through episode guides on Wikipedia and badly-written Engrish character pages on Wikisimpsons (along with the massive decline of War of the Simpsons' hi-res framegrabs, since season 23), just to weed out some watchable new Simpsons episodes, then what's the point (other than to fill a void that was once Sunday night prime time).

It's sad when the most interesting shows I can invest my attention in are dark "comedies" like Bojack Horseman and F is for Family, as well as over-arcing western non-sitcoms like Gravity Falls, SVTFOE, All Hail King Julien, Legends Quest, and Skylanders Academy.

To reiterate, my headcanon for this mistake of a show is the best thing going for me right now.
Hi! Do you take request?
Excellent News! The dream finally happened!

For those of you who may or not remember, I was cut off from the contents of my flash drive, as well as my Springfield Bound headcanon. This drive contained many projects I worked on, but was too reluctant to share on the internet, due to all the backlash I got from past headcanons such as Anime Warriors!, Naruto: Kyubi Chronicles, and Pokemon Telefang. But now I finally recovered all of my data, courtesy of A+ Perfect Computers! These guys are pure miracle workers! Dynamite awesome! I truly recommend them to anyone with the same issue I had for FIVE grand years.

Anyhoo, back to the Simpsons stuff. It's finally happening! You should expect a buttload of deviations in the next few days, as well as a special Christmas surprise this year. And to make sure nothing like this ever happens again, I'll be backing up my stuff to my external hard drive.

I'm back!
To InsideOutGirlKatie:

Well someone is an oversensitive brat. And now you've pissed me off! This is the reply to your last reply, that I wanted to make before you blocked me before I could even reply:

It was just an idea of what the emotion of Laughter could be like as a character. Have you ever seen The Animaniacs, Mighty Max, and Disney's Gummi Bear Adventures? In short, Yakko, Max, and Gusto respectively. That's the angle I was going for with a male version of Laughter.

I bet you think I'm some sexist jerk pissing on your ideas. Well that's hardly the case. No, that isn't the case at all. But hey, you're doing a great impression of Riley's emotional unstability throughout the duration of the film. Which is why I didn't even go see it, and have no intention of even watching it! In fact, the idea of five sentient emotions controling how a person thinks and feels is just stupid, much less a young girl (who's at that age)! 2015 was already a shitty year for content without being dragged through all of that emotional baggage. The only reason I give the slightest shit of interest in this franchise at all is because I sat through a whole season of the most grueling mean-spirited sociopathic animated sitcom to come out the late half of 2015: F is For Family. That series and its chain of events is so fucked up, yet intruiging, it makes this franchise the missing yin to that show's yang, and yet another headcanon.

It's also another bitter letdown of 2015 that lingers into the promise year of 2016. In short, 2015 WON'T DIE, and these two franchise are just bitter reminders of that. Other dishonorable mentions go to: Splatoon, Super Mario Maker, Triforce Heroes, the final SSB4 DLC content, Yo-kai Watch, The Muppets (2015), ATHF's cancellation, being shut down, Project M disbanding, and Iwata's passing.
Hello there Mr. KidBobo, my name is carminesavastano and I'm a friend of Jenny. Now, I may don't know you but....... Check this!…