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Hail to the Queen Coverart



Cover art for my story Hail to the Queen.
Description of the story:
That day…everything changed. Princess Twilight Sparkle became our Queen. I’ve heard rumors she’s been having trouble holding onto power. But it’s not from a resistance or an outside threat.
It's from her friends.

Rarity looked down at the logs on her desk. Sure enough, everypony had taken care of their pets, exercised, and gone to sleep at the right time. But she knew some of them were lying. At first, Twilight's idea of monitoring everypony's lives seemed like a good one. Now, Rarity wasn't so sure.

Twilight was still hurting. She wasn't seeing clearly what she was doing to Equestria.

Canterlot Throne Room En Face (Background) by :iconhunternif:.
Twilight Alicorn by :icona01421:
Hail to the Princess, Baby by :iconalexstrazse:
Pinkie is Sad by :iconerccre147:
Rarity Vector - Aliens? by :iconanxet:
Applejack vector by :iconpilot231:
You get no help from Fluttershy by :iconclaritea:
Rainbow Dash Vector #1 by :iconebontopaz:

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Wow, this is AWESOME! :la: How did you make that anyways? :omfg: