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.:Contest:. Gaara and Matsuri crossover

This Thursday I'm having my Maths FINAL exam, I should be studying right now.
Today while I was wandering dA I stumbled upon a contest and I didn't really plan to enter but I really liked the idea of a crossover so I immediately picked my favourite Owari no seraph to do the job xD so yeah

Oh and let me tell I didn't do any coloring in a long long very long time so you can see by the fail I did on her right arm ^^; really wish I had these copic markers...

This is an entry for crossover contest in :icongaaramatsu:  wish me luck :please: 

Lol they be like:
Matsuri: back off bi***es, he's mine!
Gaara: you dare look at my girl?! *draws sword*

Another edit... honestly the camera gives no damn justice to my hard work, I swear it looks so much better in my point of view..

I felt something was missing. I just felt something was missing...His friggin KANJI!!! can be seen here ... I really prefer my drawings to be colorless because I tend to ruin the coloring process so I pictured the line art before adding the colors :meow:

.:EDIT 07/06/2015:.  
I'm about to faint :faint: I won first place!!!! Spaz attack OMG Squee! Hand spaz plz 
Never in my life have I ever placed first in a contest before! well except the spelling bee aaah this feels great!
I'm so glad my hours spent on this drawing instead of studying payed off! Even though that's something not to be proud of seeing my final grade in Math...meh 
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great crossover^^
damnit whats the name of that anime?!?!?! ive started to watch it but forgot its name! (not naruto, the other from the crossover)
Kida-neechan's avatar
Seraph of the end (Owari no seraph )
FridgePoetProject's avatar
These two look terrific!  Well done!  :highfive:
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Wh33lman's avatar
in the thumbnail, this looked very much like Garra and Ruby Rose from RWBY, and at first i couldnt tell which group had added it.
Kida-neechan's avatar
Hmm now that you mention it it does looks so, especially with the scythe °3°
Gabychan91's avatar
First of all: congratulations!! Cheerleader 
I really like the way you potrayed all the little details, as well as the shining effect on both of their hair, matsuri's blade and Gaara's sword, it looks really nice! :) 
Another thing I particularly like is Matsuri's weapon: it's intricate design, the way it 'embraces' Gaara, and the idea behind it (In the anime, Matsuri is afraid of weapons at the beginning, and seeing here how she holds one so big is really awesome! :) )
Another thing I find adorable is Matsuri's eyes, so cute <3  (And their outfits; even if I don't know the original anime/manga from which the outfits are from, they are really awesome!)
Regarding their pose, it looks natural and well balanced, good job! :clap: 
The only thing I would change is the proportions of Matsuri's hands, I would make them a little bit bigger ; my art teacher used to tell us in high school that the hands should be the same dimension as the face (when the hand is opened), I also try to keep that in mind when I draw my own pictures, but I fail every time ^^; Hands are too hard for me to draw... (and the way you drew them here is awesome, me is jealous >w< ahaha)
Besides that, like I said above, everything is perfect!!! :heart: You did a wonderful job on this! :clap:
MineDayDream's avatar
congratulations! :D
Kida-neechan's avatar
Thank you, dear~ ♡
Sontock's avatar
I think it's adorable <3  ^___^
Kida-neechan's avatar
Celadoria's avatar
So cute!! Don't worry, it can be the timeline in which Gaara is loved by everyone and doesn't tattoo his head <3 Good luck in the contest!
Kida-neechan's avatar
Omg that sounds like an epic idea for a fanfiction! :"D
Thank you, dear! >w<
HeyLinkListen's avatar
Good luck babe! Your drawing is so, so cute. ^_^
Kida-neechan's avatar
Thank you so much, hun :iconkissingplz: *keeping my fingers and toes crossed*
Kitsune1978's avatar
I like it! And don't worry, people often tend to forget about drawing Gaara's kanji xD
Kida-neechan's avatar
Thank you, hun~♡ the KANJI is what defines Gaara, him without his kanji is like cheescake without the cheese, a macaroni and cheese without the cheese, an omelette without the I turned this to a cheesy subject  :iconlazepoolplz:
ZelgadisGW's avatar
For somehting, as you claimed, "rushed", it looks nice. Plus, it's a traditional art. Good luck! :)
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