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BlackJapan 2.0 beta


A Top Firefox Theme-Now Updated for the 2.0 release!
Originally created by ~thecrayolakidd
Now maintained by me ;P
Any comments or bugs you find would be helpful.

*****************Change Log 11/03/06*************************

*Options dialog fixed

*****************Known Bugs*********************************

*Search Bar still not right - Dropmarker(currently disabled) &
Search button not redering properly (20%-complete)

*Coding is still a mess -LOT'S of old stuff to toss out.(No CSS Errors though!)

*??TBD??Still testing...


Overall it's functionality and performance is great
and all errors seem to be graphical(missing/not showing 'minor css tweaks'),
except for one(1) xul error (can someone maybe explain this?)
its seems to be fully functional.
Also I gave the toolbars a sleeker look, we like?
please comment (here or elsewhere [link])
and let me know what you think.

Please report any 'bugs' and incompatible extension(s) :D

Thanks alot,


Seems there will be no more changes to the themes as far as 2.0 is concerned :please:
so hopefully I can lock this down soon.
© 2006 - 2021 Kid-ReeFer
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is really nobody willing and/or able to do this? unfortunately i'm not :(
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Pleeeeaaase, please, make it compatible with FF3!!!
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Anyone tried this theme with FireFox3?
gruftie's avatar
i tried, but it doesn't work :constipated:
i really want this for firefox 3, but unfortunately i haven't any html/css programming skills :no:
Help! I dont know how to drag this to themes!
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Very nice

Advanced Critique?

Personally, those highlights above bars to give it a "bubbly" look, are very ugly in my opinion.

It kinda reminds me of Safari
Which I love

Hmm... The black doesn't really appear to be black...

Appears to be almost a very, very, dark, dark purple.

I personally believe that if you got rid of the highlights it'd look nicer.

Wow, just noticed the status-bar
That's the best Firefox Status Bar I've ever seen!

Nice job!

Overall, I'd easily give it an 8-10
So... Erm... Is this abandoned now? There hasn't been an update in like, nine or ten months, and the theme isn't finished yet...

Can those of us left wondering, get an update please?
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My beloved Black Japan!

I had this theme before I updated to 2.0 and I loved it to bits, and was greatly disappointed when it wouldn't function with 2.0 (I even tried regressing back to the older version to use this theme again.)

But alas, I couldn't, and I was stuck with a much more inferior theme until I had the bright idea to look on deviantart for a much better theme! And I've been reunited with my beloved Black Japan! :D

Thank you so much for continuing this theme. :heart: !
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Thank you for continuing this. I've always used BlackJapan on my laptop and I'm glad to see that it's avalible for my updated FF. :)
homietuba's avatar
Good stuff.

Just upgraded to 2.0 and was worried about having the stupid looking stock interface.

Got my good ol' Black Japan back and better too.

Thanks dude!
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I saw a preview of this and is waiting for the FF v.2. I'd like to know, what program do you need to download this?
Czechnology's avatar
You don't need no special program.
Just download it.
Then open the Plugins window and drag'n'drop the downloaded file.
Say 'yes' to the installation.
Flectarn's avatar
Thank you for taking this over, and for fixing the close buttons on the tabs... this is the only theme i've kept for than a few minutes...
LiquidKojima's avatar
Great ! thank you very much, i love this theme.
BondageWare's avatar
hey, thanx for taking over, one of the best themes (imho) for firefox

my only problem at the moment is the address bar having the bottom cut off
So... Um... It's been a while now... Is this ever going to move out of beta? I'd hate to see a great theme like this just fade into the ether...
Czechnology's avatar
Another satisfied user here!

Could someone advise me please, if there's some freeware possibility to change also the looks of my WinXP? I'm bored with the silver theme :D
(i'm a total newbie in that, never tried to do that)
babajuice's avatar
OMG im so glad i found this XD i upgraded to the firefox 2 and i hated using the default skin it sucks and this is totally awsome. Its one of the only black themes and its sooooo cool:D
not sure know, but I figure it *is* to do with BlackJapan as it is visible in the default theme:

(note: it is the bottom close button)
Great stuff!

noticed one thing so far....I don't see the close button on the far right anymore...

I have played with my configuration and switched off the close button on the individual tabs, so perhaps that is interfering with it....however, other themes still show the button e.g.



I can still click in that area and the tab with focus will actually close though....
as far as i know that is the windows theme. the blackjapan doesnt have anything to do with it
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Great theme except where do I download it to?
Anyone know who's maintaining this theme now? A link for an updated version?
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Great theme, definitely one of my favorites for Firefox. One thing though... I am unable to see the favicon for the sites that are on my Favorites Toolbar. It just gives me the default logo for all of them.

The favicons for sites show up just fine in my Bookmarks.

I'm figuring that you already know about this, but just in case, I figured I'd mention it. Or is this just something on my system? The favicons definitely work fine with other FF themes.
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