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Portrait practise _fanart by Kid-Apocalypse Portrait practise _fanart :iconkid-apocalypse:Kid-Apocalypse 1 13
Let it Snow When It's Cold
There was never enough snow or ice to please the mountain spirit.  It rose up like a ravenous monster whenever the spring came, and submitted like a lamb when the winter reared its magnificent head.  This mountain spirit had no name for itself, but it was affectionately known as "Foti" and "he" by the people who lived at its base and as near its peak as they could manage.
Most of them could only manage to reach a little way up the slope, no more than a two-day journey, but it did please Foti that they tried.
He suspected that they reached so in order to be close to him.  During the windy nights, he could sense their prayers.  Those who shouted, he could even manage to hear, if only a little.  Their voices could not quite pierce the winds, but some of the words were carried up to his peak, woven into the fibres of the stray and wild goats' fur.
One such prayer came to him directly, still trapped tightly behind the lips of a child. &
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The Writing on the Wall CH30
With the spider gone, and the Hollow Man standing before me, I could see the difference between the two.  The spider had been like a pet, almost.  It had held parts of me in it.  What the general had said shuddered through me, even as I backed away, scooting on my rear into a corner between two humming machines.
The Hollow Man did not harbour gratitude as the spider might have.  Where the spider had hoped, and had some sort of... at least an illusion of fellow feeling, Hollow Man had nothing.  His name had been given by an astute person.
Howling in a dry, cracked voice like icy smoke eking out of a frozen pipe, he advanced upon me.  Each step appeared to pain him, but it was an act.  I couldn't read his intentions anymore, nor did I have any feeling inside that even connected me to him, but this Hollow Man was not a creature struggling to survive.  He was a thing with prey in sight and within reach.
I didn'
:iconkid-apocalypse:Kid-Apocalypse 0 6
The Writing on the Wall CH29
Heading out into that hallway again, without the cloak of borrowed darkness, was like walking naked into a rosebush.  Fortunately, I wasn't in the lead.  Kosmo took point, so to speak, and I had to deal with sharing a sort of place in line with Chrysander.  He had latched onto me again, in a way that I was almost becoming accustomed to.  Demetrius was last, taking up the rear with a sullen, but dutiful air.
They were all so much like soldiers that I found myself thinking of the general.  The spider skittered about as if thinking about the man was like bringing up his name in front of an enemy.  It felt so loud that I actually held a hand over my chest, in case someone heard the scratching of hairy legs on glass.
My chest tightened, but no one came running to inspect the sound.  Perhaps only I could hear it.
Chrysander looked about, then turned to Kosmo, who pointed down the hall.  It lead in two directions.
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The Writing on the Wall CH28
What was not complicated, however, was knowing what I had to do.  It was not going to be easy to accomplish, but I didn't have any trouble deciding what it was.  In the vaguest form, anyway.
I pushed myself off of the table and brushed myself off, affecting far more composure and dignity than I actually felt.  "Thank you," I said, unsure of what else I could say to Kosmo.  He had known my father.  I barely knew my father, but it sounded right, the way Kosmo had complained about him.  Or maybe it didn't and he was just concocting some wicked ruse.
At that moment in time, hardly seemed to matter.  He did not appear to hear me in any case.  He was still pacing, his hands in his hair.  With his seemingly natural suavity so near to being utterly gone, he actually looked shorter.  Older.  "This is not at all how I would have liked this day to go," he mumbled.
"How did you want it to
:iconkid-apocalypse:Kid-Apocalypse 0 16
The Writing on the Wall CH27
The woman flapped out the collar of her white coat, as if coming so close to me gave her chills.  "Very well.  I was to inform you of such things in any case, Miss Idony."  The way she pronounced my name made it sound like a curse.  She turned, made a motion to Kosmo, and then turned back.
There was a crack of paper and suddenly I was no longer holding it.  My bluff would not have gone well, it seemed.  I pretended that whatever it was he had done, it was beneath my notice.
"As you can see, we have been working on a rather ambitious project," the woman said.  She brushed past me, her collar still turned up, and I could see a name tag bearing the label of 'Miss Saccourt' pinned to her coat.  "It has produced extensive results, but not terribly impressive ones."
"I don't see any results at all," Noni said, obviously trying to sneer at the tubes.  Instead she just looked apprehensive.  Mayb
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United States
Don't question it, Arthur. Enjoy it. Own it.

Current Residence: Mountain view
Favourite genre of music: I like a bit of everything
Favourite photographer: Joseph Koudelka
Favourite style of art: Mine always changes, and I love most things
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Wallpaper of choice: Varies, usually something pithy or pretty
Favourite cartoon character: Batman! But also L and George Stobbart.
Personal Quote: I am Dr. Jones, I am Boba Fett, I'm the sucker who doesn't know it yet....
  • Listening to: Javed Ali, Clinton Cerejo & Chinmayi - Kiliman
  • Reading: The Circus of Dr Lao
It's been a long time since I've been properly here, and I don't think it's going to get any better. Tonnes of things have been happening.

My niece was born July 9! Around one o'clock. 6.9 oz, 21 in. Her name is Abbigail Jones. Hee.  :D  :D

I am not ready for the wedding. We still need to pay for the flowers and arrange the cake. (previous cake arrangements fell through) And get hats for the groomsmen, a skirt for one of the bridesmaids, and the groom's tux. That's just what  I remember right now.

I have a car! It's pretty and it has got some funny quirks, but that's personality, not brokenness. ~It's an Altima~ I call it the TARDIS, but its name is Admiral Lord Nelson. Because I'm like that.

Do not yet have my license. Today is the first two of my six driving hours, and tomorrow I'll have two more to do. Next week, I have the last of each, driving and observation. so. bleeding. nervous. It'll be the first time I've had to drive a different car since I got Nelson.

We found an apartment! The date it opens up is rather skin of the teeth, but it's better than not being able to find a place until September.

All of this has been going on recently and in the near future.



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:lol: I want to be modest, but honestly, please be impressed. Day four and I have 31,061 in two different novels while holding down a job and a clean kitchen.

I don't know how I'm doing it either. :lmao:
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