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So yah, I decided to put this up, so you guys know what these characters are kinda supposed to sound like. Yus, Tom Selleck's voice is pretty much what I had in mind for Francis. Even though he didn't voice act much in MTR, that was pretty much how I pictured Frankie's voice to be.

Mitch... yus, I finally saw Tangled and yus, Flynn's voice is exactly what I want Mitch's to be like:heart:

:rofl: I know I'm killing you guys with this one, haha! You know her name, you know what her voice is like a bit now, but you STILL don't know exactly what she looks like XDDDD We're getting closer, tho...:giggle: Mother Gothel's voice was EXACTLY what I wanted Charlene's to sound like.

I do NOT want to hear ANYTHING about Francis and Charlene's first names, got it? I've heard it time and again now... I HAD NO IDEA THAT THERE WERE CHARACTERS WITH THAT FIRST NAME IN THE SHOW. I found out after I had given it to them. And no, you can't copyright first names. Geez.

Anyway.... enjoy this!:giggle:

EDIT: see Charlene pic here:

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I googled the other photos and screenshots... xDDDD
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Realized Francis is actually OC ._. or did it never officially showed by Disney? (Alright, kill my english CURSE YOU! )