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Simon Seville Wardrobe

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Published: September 30, 2012
© 2012 - 2019 KicsterAsh
I love designing clothes for characters. Simon has the biggest wardrobe between him, Alvin and Theodore, and despite wearing mostly just dark blue khaki pants, he tends to be the more classy one.

I kept true to his trademark color blue, save the one where Jeanette made his shirt. Jeanette eventually grew a fancy in knitting and sewing, so Simon and AJ were often her guinea pigs. She got an obsession in stripes so most of the scarves, toques and shirts she made had them. She also made things that were pink, but AJ and Simon would personally give those to charity when she wasn't looking XD

Simon only wears hoodies during a concert, including various hats such as the bucket cap. He hates wearing it, but Alvin tends to threaten him to do so or else.:shrug: He usually wears dress shoes as well.

:star::star:the Silver City/ Keep Uniform and the Unity Guardian of Knowledge Uniform are from the stories in which the Chipmunks deal with the Darkness and anything KICS related. Simon wore the Keep Uniform twice- once as a child and once as an adult when the Chipettes traveled to Marya for the first time with their husbands. His uniform is built for speed and agility (since Simon's the thinnest of the Chipmunks, he can easily perform acrobatics and fit in places where his brothers can't).

:star:The Guardian uniform is a combination put together by Spike. Because Simon's gift was Telekinesis, he can raise himself into the air long enough to be able to fly great distances if needed. Spike equipped him with special goggles that act as glasses when Simon's flying a bi-plane. The goggles have night vision and digital maps of the realms of Marya and Earth's capital city of Hearttropolis. The scarf is made of a special material sewn by the fruit bats and picked from the giant Silver Widow Spiders that live in the mountains. Simon's belt is made of Dragon Scales, since his Guardianship represents the Moon Kingdom, or that of the Dragons of Marya. It comes with pockets that contain special magic, yet Simon is advised by Spike's son never to use it unless an emergency arises. So he doesn't know what magic it is (Alvin teases him and calls him a walking time bomb, considering he could be carrying gun powder for all they knew xD)

:star: The fingerless glove on Simon's right hand in his Guardian uniform covers a Solarian scar he received as a child. More of that may be spoken of later.

Cookies go to anyone who read that XD

These attires will be used for the original character in KICS. Including the two uniforms at the bottom. So please, do not copy or use without permission.

textures: [link]
Simon Seville (c) Bagdasarian Sr.
art, attires (c) KicsterAsh
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OscarTien12Student Digital Artist
Can you do Theodore next?
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Very nice :-) Simon has a lot of clothes. I like him in Lab suit :-)
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TMNTHedgehog5Student Artist
Will You Do Theodore And The Chipettes For Me Please
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salaria-topazHobbyist General Artist
You really need to do Theo's wardrobe.
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KicsterAshProfessional Filmographer
I really wish people would understand that I've got university and work at the moment.
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salaria-topazHobbyist General Artist
Oh! That I didn't know! So I'll wait. I don't mind.
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hey, i just added this to my favourites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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hey, make some of theodore's!
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are you gonna make theodore's???
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Tailsnumber1Student Writer
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kameron45Hobbyist Artist
very nice!
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KittyCatAddictHobbyist General Artist
Awesome *w*
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WoodpeckeryHobbyist Traditional Artist
i like his dressing style :D!
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I want that scarf! It's so beautiful! :squee:
Lovely work as always, KicsterAsh! 8D
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:giggle: this is helpful..
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KicsterAshProfessional Filmographer
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Creativemind0Student General Artist
I made a whole freaking sketchpage of AJ and I couldn't figure out Simon! XDD
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KicsterAshProfessional Filmographer
I'll be doing one for Alvin and Theo eventually too
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littledeathchiledStudent Artist
so this is Simon when he's older?
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Oh this is helpful. :giggle:
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hey I want to know if you still are making Phineas and Ferb art and story lots of my friends want to know me too and I love this its cute love his Guardian uniform
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