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Something I've been meaning to complete since last spring. I had time on the train ride back home, so I did this.

Sorry I haven't been here. Had no internet for the past week so I worked my butt off on the commissions list I have. Now I just need to scan them in, colour the certain few that need to be coloured, and then finish another freelance job before opening commissions up again.

characters (c) Dan and Swampy
BG (c) Disney
art (c) KicsterAsh
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© 2014 - 2021 KicsterAsh
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I don't really care if you cry
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They look so cuteee :3
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Oh my gosh this is sooooo great!!!!!! Pearl Emote 10 I miss them so much!!!!!!!!
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gonna miss this show
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This pic makes me want to cry, because one this is a happy picture I hope that my brothers and I would or would relate to this and two I know that some of u want an act your age pt 2 so do I 
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Oh this is adorable. ^_^
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Loved this piece! And loved "Act Your Age"! You did an awesome job on the character designs!
I thought about your work when I watched the episode!

You work ROCKS!EqG Rainbow Dash PLZ EQG Rainbow Dash Yay Plz EQG Rainbow Dash Epiphany Plz 
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I don't know why this makes me wanna cry because their all grown up and they look amazing.
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never mind, I just relized how stupid it sounded lol
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dats so cute. How old are they?
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   Swanky art there ^_^
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Ooh~ What an Awesome Sibling Photo!~ >w<
i-haz-a-doodle-plex's avatar
I know it's been a little while since you posted this, but was going through all my notifications and came across it.
Reminds me of my brothers.
Such a lovely piece.
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This is just soooooo heartwarming. Amazing job as always.
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Oh my chocalate! So cute!
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awwwww~ X3 so precious
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I like how you did Candice, she still looks older despite the lack of vertical growth :)
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I made the most ridicilous shriek of fangirling when I saw this.X3 These three siblings just are my weakness and just seeing them together makes me really happy.^^ It's a really nice picture, I especially like the colours.

Also, I have to tip my hat to you, how do you even finish a digital drawing on a train? I can't even read in a moving vehicle.:'D
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