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Miraculous Ladybug: Marinette Shimeji *Download*

By Kicoma
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*Download link on the right -->

What is a Shimeji? A Shimeji is a tiny desktop mascot that walks around your computer screen and keeps you company! They can climb on walls, walk along your open programs, divide into more Shimejis, and much more! But be careful, they might try throwing your windows out of reach when you're not looking!

        How to use:
  1. Download Shimeji-ee (whichever version you prefer) 
    1. Orignial Japanese version:…
    2. (Preffered) English version:…
    3. Updated English version:
  2. Unzip Shimeji-ee to desktop
  3. Download Ladybug file on the right --->
  4. Unzip Ladybug folder to desktop 
  5. Place Ladybug folder inside "img" folder of Shimeji-ee
  6. Double click "Shimeji-ee" to run
  7. Have fun!
Shimeji needs Java to run, download Java (32-bit) here:

This is my very first time making a Shimeji! Its not as complex as I wanted it to be, but I'm still happy with how it turned out!
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me at my Tumblr page.
I will try my best to reply to DA messages, but I am usually offline. 

This Shimeji was created by a fan, for the fans. Though it is free to download, donations of any amount are greatly appreciated!
Donations accepted through PayPal.
Thank you!

I do not own Miraculous, Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir or its characters.
© 2016 - 2021 Kicoma
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where is the link?

Petricore08's avatar

even the download button

lalah890's avatar
Prismarinaoftheocean's avatar

uh...where's the link?

OTPStarco's avatar
The download button isn't on the right, could you out it in the comments or is it even available to be on my phone?
OTPStarco's avatar
It still doesn't work.
Samwuxwux's avatar

someone can help me, i cant find the link :'v

drkrogue's avatar
This is adorable! She running around right now as I write a Ladybug fic  

 Miraculous Ladybug - Marinette - Icon 
Neko-Senpai-chan's avatar
Humm... Where's the Ladybug files? I can't download them!
Milinus's avatar
Same ! Someone for help us ?
pinkheartwolf123's avatar
i need teep details on how to add one
JevJevlin's avatar
Owww, it's pretty amazing! I love it so much! *o*
Do you plan to make a Chat Noir, too? However, I know it's really hard to make, I'm just curious.
CloudDoodle's avatar
Omggg! I seriously love this soooo much!! It would be amazing if there was a Chat Noir to go with her *wink* *wink*
serirei's avatar
whenever i download it its jst black and white things
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Looks like you only downloaded the Shimeji program! Those black and white things come preinstalled! Your next step is to download the Ladybug file and place the "Ladybug" folder into the "img" folder of the Shimeji program. More detailed instruction is in the description!
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ah okay!! thank you 
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Errr I downloaded it on WinRAR and there was no application... The shimeji won't work without it for me..
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