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Jill White Suit by kicky Jill White Suit :iconkicky:kicky 5 12 Mileena Happy New Year by kicky Mileena Happy New Year :iconkicky:kicky 42 27 Elephants like to listen to stories by kicky Elephants like to listen to stories :iconkicky:kicky 6 7 Elephants don't eat people by kicky Elephants don't eat people :iconkicky:kicky 5 13 Ayane smashing stuff by kicky Ayane smashing stuff :iconkicky:kicky 16 14 Happy smokin stylish birthday by kicky Happy smokin stylish birthday :iconkicky:kicky 2 7 DMC5 Dante by kicky DMC5 Dante :iconkicky:kicky 11 13 Mileena : From Outworld with Love by kicky Mileena : From Outworld with Love :iconkicky:kicky 80 20 Juri taunting by kicky Juri taunting :iconkicky:kicky 19 10 Red Arcueid by kicky Red Arcueid :iconkicky:kicky 3 17 Gravity Rush: OC2 by kicky Gravity Rush: OC2 :iconkicky:kicky 4 14 Gravity Rush: OC1 by kicky Gravity Rush: OC1 :iconkicky:kicky 6 10 Skyrim: Lydia blushing by kicky Skyrim: Lydia blushing :iconkicky:kicky 14 6 Electric candle by kicky Electric candle :iconkicky:kicky 5 7 Fetch and a Cat by kicky Fetch and a Cat :iconkicky:kicky 14 5 Banners and Icons by kicky Banners and Icons :iconkicky:kicky 1 11


Jill White Suit
Like the one she had in RE3, but different :noes:
Didn't know which version to upload so here are all three. I think I kind of like the black and white one most >_o

Jill Valentine (c) CAPCOM

PS. Dear Capcom, please remake RE3 :nod: RE2 Remake is awesome!
Mileena Happy New Year
On the occasion of MK11 announcement, the new year and people keep faving my other Mileena drawings, I did this ^_^
Thanks everyone! hope you like it.
Happy New Year!
Hopefully she will be in MK11.

Mileena (c) Nether Realm Studio
Elephants like to listen to stories
This is sort of a follow up to "Elephants don't eat people" XD
I ended up showing her that and she really liked it, and she told me the elephant has since gotten bigger, and we ended up giving him a name, and is often mentioned in our group chats :D
Anyway, this used to be a little different, with another friend of ours was in place of the owl and was just a quick doodle, but she said she wants a version with her alone. So I put the owl there cuz it is her favorite animal and did a bit of an overhaul.
The elephant could use a little work, but I think I am learning :P

This time I tried to make a brush for the grass, and it is, well, better than it first looked XD
Happy Holidays!
Me? I have to work XD
Elephants don't eat people
People eat people :noes:
That got dark quick o.o
Anyway, this here is a depiction of a friend of mine, I am working with in a group. And she just does and says the darnest things XD
Like it might not sound like much me telling it online, but it is so refreshing for me having someone like her around :excited: Where everyone take themselves so seriously and speak in code... Ugh anyway...

She had went out for some work and she came back angry, then she picks up her handbag to get something, and she randomly takes out a key chain in the shape of an elephant and she turns to my other friend and says: He is gonna eat you! And then turns to another one and says: He is gonna eat you too! Then she laughed.
I know I know it is not the most gripping or funny story, but it is one of those silly little things you later think about and find really funny for some reason :P

I haven't shown her this one, dunno if I will, but I've done other drawings of her and my other team mates and she has been so supportive of my art and actually she convinced me that it is important that I put my signature on my drawings. It is nice having this sort of thing in real life and seeing people's reaction :')

Welp, I really hope elephants don't eat people :eager: I know Mammoths in Skyrim have zero chill.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
My name is Omed. I live in north of Iraq, Kurdistan.
I have a degree in Building Architecture.
I have been drawing since I remember, and I love video games :)
Hope you enjoy my galley.
I am bored at work and my headphones are broken, so I'm going to type something XD

You may know from some of my art, I am a big fan of the "series" :P And the second game came out just recently, and I sort of just want to talk about it a bit, since I finished the story last night and can't stop thinking about it :excited:

Won't spoil anything, but I think it was really good, especially towards the end :)

Now gameplay-wise, I find it a strange case!
At times I find it really really good! Honestly at some point, I thought: I can't believe they're letting us have so much fun! :noes:
In general the free-roaming is really really really good XD It never gets old, and is where I have the most fun.
The combat is really good and satisfying for the most part, though the narrow field of view makes it difficult some times.
Oh and the photo mode! they actually made it a gameplay mechanic, and is just so fun to play around with :boogie:

And at times, I am really puzzled at some gameplay decisions they've made o_O Mainly side missions and quite a few of the story missions! Like: Why? Did they actually play this and thought it was fun? Like a lot of stealth missions without stealth mechanics and a lot of missions where you are not allowed to use gravity shifting.
Sure they are varied and may sound fun on paper, but honestly, I am just playing some missions for the trophies and other unlocks XD
Idk maybe some people find them fun.

At the end, the good greatly outweighs the bad, and I keep finding myself wanting to go back and explore the world of Gravity Rush :heart: Looking forward to the free DLC in March, and whatever other DLC they make, I don't care, shut up and take my money :la:

Thinking of drawing more fanart of it :3
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