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The Angel Hocakes

its a love story aboutsome chick who has sex with an angel'

"how does he even get in her house with those wings?" - brianna hurtado raves

"he keeps knocking shit off her dresser with his fucking wings when they have sex what a fucking hassle" - says samantha gaiten

"this book is the worst book i've ever read" - says some loser who doesn't know what they are talking about

in bookstores now!!!
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Hahahaha! I love the tagline...and the nipples.
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the angel hocakes the anime the webcomic the live action starring anime matt damon as the angel hocakes
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the best...naiem
That is one plush rump

I am intrigued and desperately awaiting more.
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"at least its not twilight" - fortherosas
haha look how subversive i am, dissing on twilight!
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"Even Twilight is better than this" - Nic Cage
Look at her, she's totally reaching for that junk. So scandalous.
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his hand is on her BUTT
Yes, now that I've taken careful inventory of all the hands, this seems to be correct. So very scandalous. It's delightful.
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all I can think of when I see this
is Castiel from Supernatural
it cannot be unseen.
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Don't forget, with a shirt over her face!!!

And madam, you spelled my last name wrong *slaps with glove* Goodday.
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i did it on purpose........................
i almost spelt your name gaiden like ur ninja gaiden hahahaha
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oh my god the nipples
the nipples
the nipples.....
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his fucking
wings just
kept flapping
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"it sure was a book"
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they are erect
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o my~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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"ONE OF THE BOOKS IN DECADES" - extolls ToruKun1
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"IT CERTAINLY IS A BOOK" - author's mother crying in the liveing room with a glass of wine
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