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I shot the USA Gymnastics Region 8 Championships over the weekend. I've got some great photos, dispite the terrible lighting in the arena. A DeviantArt member once told me that if I don't want perverts adding my photos to their favorites, then don't post them. So I won't be posting any. You can thank the perverts. But you gotta trust me, the pics are awesome!
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randalay Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Greg, this is a hot topic with a lot of us who shoot younger kids or even just our "models" at home. I respect your effort to protect your models too. Speaking only for myself, I enjoy shooting and sharing my photos with people here who appreciate it for what it is and frankly, I spend a lot of time looking at other photographer's poses, lighting and styles for ideas and inspiration. When I find a shot I really like I want to share it with my little circle by making it a favorite.
It's like your pictures of the gymnasts. Those are fantastic shots and I know you had to work hard and shoot a lot of "one-stars" to get those "five-star" shots. If I were considering shooting youth athletics, studying your work would help me a lot.
With that being said, here's where I stand today: I believe that pulling pictures won't stop certain types of people from acting like slugs - but calling them out to the admins at DA will. For now, I'm not going to let those idiots change the way I shoot and share here. I'm going to continue to post what I want. Borrowing from your playbook though, I plan to monitor everyone that tags a minor's photo as a favorite. Just my 2 cents...
Kicks02 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2011
Thanks for your post. It was very well thought out and expressed. There is actually a hint of sarcasm in my original post, in that if everyone were to not post photos they want protected from perverts, then there would be very few good photos on DA. All that would be left is the porn. I have made reports to DA on many occasions about suspicious members. DA had acted favorably on some occasions and not favorably on others. There's been times where I've thought the main intent of websites like DA and Flickr is solely for the developers of those sites to collect free porn, of all types. I do wish DA would allow us to restrict viewing of our work to only our trusted friends on DA.

Actually, I will be posting some when I finish going through them and doing some editing. That arena’s lighting is horrible with a lot of green and yellow tints. I should have some up in a day or two.

If any pervert wants to argue my points, which they usually do, don’t bother. I’ve run this message through Spell-Check and its correct (pervs always use other’s misspellings and improper grammar to bolster their argument. LOL. Like that really matters).
iwantimac2005 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
is there anyway you can post those in one section where only your Deviant watchers can look at them . . what about the scraps ? will everyones else see those in there ? am just wonder what can help you .....
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April 18, 2011