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Larp Gear IX



Ok, to make things slightly new, im tossing up a photograph of someone else for a change, still a Larp related picture though, so im sticking to the old naming trend.

This is just an example of how i think Larp armour should look, and generally look, in sweden.
As i understand it, other places tend to have larg variations on what to use to represent Metal armour.

my personal opinion.. nothing represents metal like, you guessed it.. metal.

Model: Frida (A dear friend, also my brothers girlfriend, and an avid larper )
Photographer: Quest Leite
Dude who made the armour: Martin Merkel
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Ah, milady Paladin!  Art thou game for a little dungeon-delving to wipe out a nest of Orcs that's been plaguing the countryside?  

Aye, from my ropes, you can tell I'm a wizard (and yeah, I DO know how to use this staff!) :)