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. . . grew up to be an astronaut.

Image: At the counter of a diner an Asian waitress takes a red-headed man's order -- behind him a young black girl runs after a toy monowheel-car while pretending to fly a spaceship.

DAZ Platinum Club Inspirations Contest Honorable Mention 11/08/2012 -- qualifying items: From November 8th used Cherry Bomb for Luxury Car 1950 (on the menus), Moonlit Moonshines Diner Interior Bubblegum, Nomad Module (on the TV), and Unicycle Bob. From November 15th used Effortless Cool for Genesis Male, Mellow, and Moonshines Diner Interior Poses.

DS4.5Pro / 3Delight render, prework and postwork in GIMP.

Inspired this: Assessing the Situation
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