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Temporal Anomaly - Great-Grandfather Paradox

Tropes 101: see Grandfather Paradox.

DAZ Platinum Club Inspirations Contest Entry -- qualifying items: From October 23rd used Everyday 1950 for Genesis Female / Bobby Soxer, Moonshine's Diner, Moonlit Moonshines Diner, Moonlit Moonshines Diner Interior Hip Joint, Moonshines Diner Interior I, Moonshine's Diner Interior II, Moonshine's Diner Interior III, and Genesis Poses for Moonshines Diner Int Ext -- bonus, the cup of coffee and stirring-spoon is from Diner Tableware. From October 30th used K-Nicky Hair for Genesis, Air Car Jumper, Elements Hair for Genesis, Colors for Elements Hair, Penthouse Suite.

Additionally, both the vampire and the timecop are Reby Sky for Genesis (using one of the Reby Sky V4 Elite textures). The screens (except for contents from other renders) are from Hero FX Xtreme / Hero FX Exp Sci Fi. Previous renders in this series here:
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