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Senshi Suisei - Targeted

Image: Ami Mizuno (aka Sailor Mercury), wielding an ice-sword, prepares to defend herself from two gun-bots. Disclaimer and Usage Warning: Please note that although my work is under a Creative Commons license, this is a transformative work of a character that Toei Animation holds rights to -- use at your own risk.

Tropes101: Not quite the same tropes as the original younger version since this one's apparently Taken a Level in Badass (which makes her more of an Action Girl), but her outfit still has blue for her water-powers, she still uses a sword that's a manifestation of her ice powers, and her hair's still short and (if black-with-blue-highlights qualifies, YMMV) echoes her element.

DAZ Platinum Club Inspirations Contest entry -- qualifying items: From January 17th used Ailell, Steam Truck Red Bizon Expansion, and Delivery Service Expansion. From January 24th used Racers for Unicycle Bob, Dumped for Sports Car Meteor 1947, Dragon Queen for Genesis Female, and Our Lady of the Dragons. Also used Xiao Wen V5, Philly Hair fG/Colors, Swords Fantastic, the Genesis Supersuit, MachPack (the white Flannel shader), DzFire's Real Metals (the Bright Gold Ratraced shader), Gemologica (the Amazonite02 shader), and City Ruins Building 04.

DS4.5Pro render, postwork in GIMP.
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