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First of May Blues

Image: A woman in a blue dress reads an unwelcome message on her cellphone, her back turned on a planter of beautiful red flowers.

DAZ Platinum Club Inspirations Contest entry -- qualifying items: Conjurer for Priestess, Regina Leo for Lion Queen (belt & shoes), Bell Flower/Bell Flower Garden, and Moon Rod (the planter).

Rendered in DS4.5Pro/3Delight, postwork in GIMP.
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Nice. There are some good touches here - I like the coffee cup at the edge of the counter - and it's seldom you see a pulled back camera used to this sort of effect in a DS/Poser render. The pic's lines lead us to look at her, pulling down from upper left to lower right. I'd like to have seen her picked out in the lighting a little more, and the shadows are a little off for the indoor environment to me, but maybe that's a nitpick.
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Glad you like the composition, I'll post my layout screenshot in the Golden Rules topic tonight (I used Rule of Thirds, but I kept an eye on the counter's lines). With the position of the coffee cup I was trying to indicate that it'd been put down carelessly as she picked up the text message, thanks for noticing! The lights are the same rig I used in this pic, meant to look like diner lighting - worked better there, I'm not sure why.
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Hmmm. Maybe it's the angle? I can see its necessity given the camera position but the ceiling seems weirdly high for where the shadows fall in the more recent one.