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DAZ Platinum Club Inspirations Contest Entry week of September 6th, Honorable Mention week of September 14th 2012. Qualifying products: From September 6th used Lady Elf Hair for Genesis, Sports Car Morris 1936, and Sunshine Sport for Sports Car Morris. From September 14th used Diner Waitress fGF, Dot Check, and Dark Warriors for GIS (the alien's uniform). Waitress played by Reby Sky for Genesis/Reby Sky for V4 Elite. DS4.5Pro render, prework and postwork in GIMP.

Tropes 101: framing the protagonist between the hand and leg of the Bigger Bad is a variation of the Between My Legs shot. See also Depth of Field. Unlike the rework of this render (see below), this one uses Face Framed in Shadow, with her eyes being shadowed by her bangs.

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