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Black Alice - Test of Time - Original

Image: A goth girl stands with one foot in the present and one in the past of a city street, holding in her hand the power creating the portal between them.

There's now a reworked version of this up. DAZ Platinum Club Inspirations Contest Honorable Mention week of November 30th 2012 -- qualifying items: From November 30th used Bus Pegasus, Crimson Nights for Onyx Male, and Moonshines Diner Exterior Poses (converted to Genesis by PoseMaster, as were the poses of both drivers). From December 6th used Capone for Limousine Prince, Dark Moods for Genesis, and Night Moves.

DS4.5Pro render, prework and postwork in GIMP. Disclaimer and Usage Warning: Please note that although my work is under a Creative Commons license, this is a transformative work of what DC holds rights to -- use at your own risk.

My Black Alice works:
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