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Black Alice - Right Out of the Sky

By KickAir8P
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Any second now she's gonna grab somebody's power, fly after that ship, and blast it out of the sky. Yep . . . any second now . . .

June 14th was International Black Alice Day -- I'm trying another PCI entry with her. Much happier with this than the last one! The background is a bit of Dayton Ohio from GoogleMaps.

DAZ Platinum Club Inspirations Contest Entry, weeks of June 14th and June 21st 2012. Qualifying items used: From June 14th used Starship Sky Hammer / Stealth Beast and Parkside Point & Interior Poses. From June 21st used Night Watcher (for Onyx fGM) and Boutique Honeymoon for Boudoir Bliss fGF. Also used Enticing Ladies and PeggyTails. DAZStudio4Pro render, postwork in GIMP. Disclaimer and Usage Warning: Please note that although my work is under a Creative Commons license, this is a transformative work of what DC and Google hold rights to -- use at your own risk.

Tropes: YMMV, but Black Alice can be considered an ActionGirl, DarkActionGirl, and/or DarkMagicalGirl.

My Black Alice works:
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cool dynamics here.
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A simple zoom-blur in GIMP, but yeah, I'm happy with how it came out. Thanks!

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I don't know.. the ground is coming up fast. :-) Excellent scene!!!
Heh! A still picture where the ground *still* looks like it's moving toward you!

NICE effect!!
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To answer your comment I came back and looked at this again, and again at first glance I was certain it was moving.  When I made this I was surprised and quite happy with how well the effect (a simple zoom-blur of the background in GIMP) worked, really makes the image pop.  Thanks!
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