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Light wing

By KICKAcosplay
Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail
Photo by :iconstregatt0:

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this is a very beautiful piece and the lighting is absaloutly perfect this just amazing and the coustume looks absaloutly perfect all of the colours are wonderful together and the tints on the wings and rest of the costume are awesome this is original and a great use of your role play i really hopr you post more beautiful pictures like this because its absaloutly amazing you got every thing right the timing if day the light the costume all of its just plain amazing and the head band is really beautiiful the whole costume amazing it makes me want to come back and look at it again
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its still beautiful!!!
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This. Is. Awesome!

You're amazing!
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I love your wings! Do you mind if I ask you what you made them out of?
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Amazing wings!
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hey, can i post it on a Chinese website to share it with my friend? it is really a amazing cos!!!
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thanks a lot! You made the costume by yourself?
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yes! this costume made by me ^^
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wow!!good job!
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Erza!! This is freaking awesome!
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great Cos, is that not heay? oO
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WOW! You are fantastic! What a gorgeous and breathtaking cosplay!
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I knew it this is epic LOVE your wings
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This is fantastic what did you make the wings out of? They really have the feel and look from the show.
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Excellent cosplay :D the wings especially are impressive ^o^
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Woaw its amazing!! :heart:
You look gorgeous!! :heart:w:heart:
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