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-The Legend of Zelda scroll-

By kichisu
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Got couple of requests to upload the scroll so here it is!

font can be found here : [link]
texture by: [link]
and the anniversary pic:
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Sadly, most of this is just nonsense when translated. HOWEVER, the part at the beginning has a part that translates into 1986 21.  The original Legend of Zelda was released on February 21st 1986, so congrats on that!  This is still an amazing piece of Zelda art though.  
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I wish this was a print...
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This is gorgeous. The style you used fits so well.
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After Skyward Sword comes out, is there going to be more to this? :)
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I think I shouldn't need to explain how awesome this is, so I'll just state it as obvious fact!!!! Excellent!!!
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Wow... this is just stunning... It is truly beautiful, I feel a sense of ;__; looking at it. That probably sounds really melodramatic, but I love Zelda and you captured the mythology better than the creators do! Really stunning, fantastic work...
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it must've been quite some work to draw this scroll! and it look so official!
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This is so gorgeous~ The style of the drawings is beautifully simple and distinct, you can tell at a glance which game is which! I adore the full anniversary pic with the various Links, but it's nice to get a glimpse of the whole scroll without them, since this is a work of art in its own right~ <3
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Its beautiful! I love everyone of those images and how they represent each of the games. I especially like the Link's Awakening one. Also digging the style to complement the feel of the series. All in all awesome work!

Question though, is there anything particular the words are saying? (I don't know exactly know my hylian :) )
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I wrote the titles of the games and little information about each one C:
I used a font that found here [link]
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