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Noses Reference sheet

Ahhh noses..they are sooo interesting to draw!
I started to love them when I wanted to draw some Tolkien's dwarves!
Fuck elves and their perfect noses! 

if you think that this is useful and you are interested on patreon   you can get:
-all the monthly complete standard reference sheets for $1 (single body parts and gestures)
- all the monthly complete standard and special reference sheets for $5 (fullbodies,action poses, perspectives, interactions)
- or the full pack of all my old and new reference sheets for $15

BTW 45% of my gallery will always be available for free so enjoy it!
use it for your exercises if you need, but don't trace it and put the bloody credits if you publish it please.

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Nice 😁 every nose creates a different feature, a different mind set that you associate with the face and the entire personality behind 👌😎👃

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How's there so much variety in faces?
Let's just say the nose knows. ;)
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"Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well" Nice nose references though!
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The first one on the second row looks like he smells something funny...
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It's amazing how each different nose gives the same face a completely different feeling.
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I was going to say that
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finally found some refs!!
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It'll be helpful (all of your references are helpful at all xD), nose is the devil
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This is good because I fucking suck at noses
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I've needed some nose inspiration for a while. Thanks for uploading this!
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Thank you!
The angle of these is absolutely perfect as well. It's such an angle that I would love to draw, but never get it quite right - especially nose-wise. It's good to have a simple, understandable reference for such. 
Your reference sheets are always helpful. Keep up the wonderful work!
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I needed this one , 
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I like varieties of noses, but I always wondered, what this "scar" of the third nose is…? The lines of the other noses indicate a narrow/thick bone or a crooked nose, but that line.
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Thank you so much for the help.
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I nasi perfetti (elfi) sono i più noiosi.
Un naso diritto non è necessariamente un 'peccato', però si dev'essere capaci di personalizzarlo tramite la forma delle narici e della punta.
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You have no idea how helpful this is to me, thank you.
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i love noses! thanks so much for these~!
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This is unbelievably helpful, thank you. 
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Oo this will be very helpfuL!
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