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Male and Female legs reference sheet


I drew this to study the differences between male and female legs (and booties ♥)

At the beginning I was drawing this only for the +5$ patrons, but then I changed my mind...
I wanted to share something useful with all of you!

so I made 3 versions:  this is for you, a simple reference.
the second is for $1+ patrons and has some notes all around the poses (and they can also see the 90%of the gallery).
and the third is for $5+ patrons with a wall of text of tips, extra poses and a link for the fullsize (and they can see rest of the drawings)

patrons or not thanks for the support! I already feel really lucky! thank you! ^A^

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Smexy Legs reference sheet by Kibbitzer
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DnD Mist by MysticScriber

I hope you don't mind that I used your reference...
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The subtle differences between male and female are distinct here.  Very excellent.
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dat booty thoFlirty Rulue Icon 
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I'm so happy i found you- these help so much!! 

ʷʰʸ ᶦˢ ᶫᵉᵍᵍᶦˢ ˢᵒ ʰᵃʳᵈ
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Sweet tutorial.  Simple yet straight to the point.  Nice crisp line art too.
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Legs so hot it could fry an egg

Mettaton Ex Icon 
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Build-A-Mettaton: Arm Right 4MettatonBuild-A-Mettaton: Arm Left 4 Of course darling! Who needs arms with LEGS LIKE THESE?
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Your comment has made my day
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Seus desenhos de poses me ajudam bastante na hora de fazer meus personagens, obrigado por faze-los :D (Meu ingles não é perfeito, mas acho que vc consegue entender um pouco)

Qualquer coisa culpa o google tradutor, eu pesquisei algumas palavras nele kkk

Your pose drawings help me to draw my characters. thank you By make them  :D (My english it's not perfect, but I think that you can understand a little)

anything fault the translator google, I researched some words kkk
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Ty ^^
I redrew it for practice, but my brain is weird and I ended up with ink drawing :/ I hope it isn't wrong to post it as a inktober doodle.
I won't do that if u'll not agree
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Lmao your comment xDD
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I'm so used to drawing soft curvy legs of a girl its a little perplexing trying to draw the boxyness of a males. Thanks :)
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So helpful... MUST SAVE..... I can't save... FUDGE.
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I love the leg pose at the bottom.
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So... I see. Left is male, right is female. Not much of a difference, but enough of one ^_^;
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Omg! Thank you so much!
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Great reference ! It's helping me to draw legs. Thank you ! 
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Dat ass Such a lovely face MEME 

But in all seriousness... great sheet :D
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Wonderful! Thank you!
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