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Male Torso Reference Sheet

I needed some practice..I've never been exactly good at drawing this stuff!
I hope it will help you!
On Tumblr too

female torso reference sheet 2 by KibbitzerFemale Torso Reference Sheet by KibbitzerMale Torso Reference Sheet 2 by Kibbitzer
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Time to stuff
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Thanks for the reference kib
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I used some of these for practice, I was wondering if I could post my drawings on Instagram as long as I credit you. Our if I can post them here. These where very helpful ^^
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You help me so much to improve my drawing thx.
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Thanks for this. Torsos are still really hard for me to draw. 
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I keep strewing up arms and legs.
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I needed to practise this
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I can't draw male figures to save my life, hopefully these reference drawings can help me! lol
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really nice =) maybe it will help me for understand better how to draw male torso. Thank you for your job in doing these things =)
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this really helps
thank u :3
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That is the clearest example of crossed arms I've come across and helped me wildly thank you
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Can't thank you enough for all these fantastic tutorials!
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Always hard when they twist at a side-quarter, top angle.
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Seriously arms twisting in different directions is something that's always bothering me. This is great.
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Great references you have! :)
Will there be any alternate versions of these, such as an Adolescent/Teenage types of varying muscle definitions. Especially for those studying on Childlike characters for our comics & such?
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why is one hairy? o3o I mean I get that they're all different body types-ish.But it's just interesting o3o
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...because men grow hair on their chests.
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This stuffs really skillful! I totally love the minimalist cartoon style and could learn a lot from this.
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