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Loki - Bifrost

I've never drawn "Marvel" but THOR is fucking cool! (I like Iron man and Hulk too)
I always loved this character..Loki is not a simple villain! I wanted to draw him a year ago, but I couldn’t find the inspiration XD

sketch with loki and thor on tumblr...LOL I feel cruelty çAç >> [link]

don't put it in other sites.. especially facebook! I hate facebook! I'd like to be informed and I will answer you!
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awe he looks all scrawny qwqkitty loki emoticon

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:omg: So Amazing!:D The background is incredible!:heart:
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He looks so sad :( Poor Loki
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your art is pretty amazing! :) love it!
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This looks really awesome!!! (mah grammar! XD) 
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fantastic <333 especially the background - i love the colours *_* and his facial expression. so amazing! *_*
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Wow! Just wow! This picture is really amazing, the colors, the shading, the emotion! Just beautiful, I love it! :glomp:
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Oh my Gods. It's just too beautiful. the Wind the hairs the suit the stars ALL is perfect. *.*
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Very beautifully drawn.
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We want more pictures with Loki! Please :iconfoxyayzplz:
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Yeeees, more Loki, please, we beg  Llama Emoji-56 (Hiding) [V3]
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best. moment. ever. just saying
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Your thor fan arts are awesome. just.... i can't. You're so talented.
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Loki is So freaking Awesomeeeeeeee, im going to see Thor 2 today and last night i watched The Avengers again XD 
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The background *-* absolutely beautiful! How do I Loki? Teach me master! (just kidding, I will never be able to pull off anything vaguely resembling him. But you are a pro.)
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The coloring just blew my mind! Stunning work, you're a great artist! :clap: :faint:
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love yours art so much.
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So cool! Great job, well done!
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you.. are so.. amazing :'3
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