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Legs reference sheet 2

another reference sheet!

if you are interested on patreon you can find more "normal"reference sheets for $1 per month!
use it for your exercises if you need, but don't trace it please X'D
If you want to show me the result, do it here or on my facebook page! I'll appreciate it XD

patrons or not, thanks for the support!
Reading reference sheet by KibbitzerEating reference sheet by KibbitzerAction reference sheet 2 by KibbitzerAction reference sheet by Kibbitzer
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Thanks this is really helpful :)

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That might help me improve my art
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im sorry

whats on the menu?

whats on the menu?

whats on the menu?

.............. LEGS
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Your art is so wonderful! Thank you so much for your reference sheets!!! They have inspired me to work even harder improving my art!!! :D 
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So helpful ;_; thank you
How long have you been sketching? These have great expressiveness, as well as technical balance. Very natural!
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Thanks it's extremely helpful
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Delicious poses refs you have, I would love to support u on patreon!
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Helps a bunch!! Thanks~
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Can these used as male legs? And what would you have to do make them look more male like?
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Add more muscle mass to the calves, make them more rugged and thicker. As for the feet, not as dainty and rounded.
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Can you make female body to the legs most up to the most left?
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Are thiese female legs
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yeah they are.
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tell him to make female body
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I can't just tell them to make a female leg reference.
Idk if their requests are open, but if I just tell them, they'll just block me.
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but the one that  made this said that we are Wellcome to say if he/she can mae something more
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