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Legolas and old Gimli-asdfghjklqwert

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Published: December 17, 2013
"After Aragorn's death as King of the Reunited Kingdom in Fourth Age 120, Gimli (then very old) travelled with Legolas into the West, becoming the first Dwarf to visit the Undying Lands."

My feels are bleeding, I always wanted to draw this! X'D
It's so fucking sad. Gimli is not immortal.
on tumblr too>>…

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BTW if you put it in other sites... don't forget to add the source! don't be lazy çAç
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I feel sorry for legolas in this picture, seeing his best friend slowly dying due to mortality, after all of the battles they were in together, both surviving the war of the ring, and all of the good, bad, and ugly times they have been through, and yet having to face the inevitable, that mortals die and nothing can stop it short of the will of Illuvatar himself.  Not sure if I am seeing what I want to see or if its really in the picture but I see sadness in legolas's eyes, like when their portrait was made he knows that Gimli's time is short (no pun intended) and that the remaining years are going to be very heart wrenching deep down inside his soul, while outwardly he would do his best to be the same elf that his friend Gimli has always known so as not to spoil gimli's last years of life on Arda.   

Indeed, I actually think that Elves might actually be cursed with their immortality,  making friends with mortals, or enjoying middle earth, only to see it fade away over time.  While the undying lands can heal much, I suspect that it cannot heal everything, like the sadness of losing mortal friends or seeing what they created in middle earth fade just like their mortal friends over time, all the lost years and in the end for very little gain.

And while man may covet Immortality usually out of Fear or a lust for power, He never has known the true costs of that eternal life like the elves have. Hell, Elves actually envy the mortal races, particularly man due to their ability to not only die and therefor not having to suffer the pains of the world for all eternity, but also for their ability to adapt and rebuild, their tenacity really. 
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That was by far and wide the best comment on this picture. Thank you for your insight. And all of a sudden I feel a bit less afraid about dying someday. Because what you wrote ctually is true. Nothing lasts forever except the elves who go trough an enternal cycle of seeing things become and then waste away again.
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I am glad you like it.  I made that comment with full honesty and insight into how death works in the LOTR universe and how the Immortals and the Mortals deal with death.     Because I forgot to mention that even the Valar, the Angels of the LOTR universe themselves will eventually envy the gift of Man as well over time, because of the long stretches of time and never seeing anything new and seeing much of what was end up fading will drive them into longing for death.   

And that death may only end up being granted during the LOTR version of the Apocalypse/End times, when the world is destroyed and then remade, but without the taint of evil woven into it this time because evil will have been cleansed/purged.  And Man will play a big part in shaping the new world.   

Because in the LOTR universe, the world was created with divine music more or less, and Melkor/Morgoth tainted the world with out of tune music filled with evil which is why evil is in the LOTR world and is why things end up dying. 

If Arda was made as it was meant to be made, well the world would more or less be like the undying lands all over, because part of the evil of melkor was entropy which causes things to rot/decay over time.    I am not sure if Man would still have the gift of men or if they would be immortal too if Arda were Pure when it was first made, but I am sure that without evil to taint the world, there would be no war, no strife, and no decay.
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I think-pondering on the last part of your comment-that Illuvatar gave man mortality because he saw what was coming under Morgoth rule over Arda. After all, men awoke long after the elves if I remember the Silmarillion correctly. And at the time men awoke Arda was already under the control of Morgoth and several wars had shaped it into an unpleasent place. After all the Dwarfs were created as the second race by Aule and given great strength and stubborness because Aule knew they would awake in a world under Morgoth rule. Even so he had them put to sleep so they would enter the stage after the awakening of mankind.
And I believe that death-at least natural death-works in the same way in our world. There probably comes a time when your body and spirit are too tired to go on. After all I have often heard that sleep is death`s little brother.
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Actually the Dwarves were the 3rd race to awaken,  Elves awoke first, followed by men, and then the Dwarves were last.   And Aule created the Dwarves not so much to fight morgoth, but so that he could have a people to teach the arts of smithing, craftsmanship, and industry to.  

But yes Death happens in LOTR the same as it does IRL when it concerns mortals,  The body wears out and the soul grows weary.    This happens to both Men and Dwarves as Dwarves are mortal as well,  they just live far longer than Men do.   

And I wouldn't say that sleep is death's little brother, because you can wake someone up from sleep.   But a Coma however could be considered thus.      

As for why Illuvatar gave man Mortality, I think that on top of what I said before, Illuvatar chose Man as his primary instruments on Arda and gave them Free will so that they can both follow his will or reject it.    because Illuvatar is for all intents and purposes, God.    Because Tolkien was very devout in his religion,  so he put alot of who he was and what he believed in along with mythology from Europe into the LOTR Universe.   
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Right, the Dwarfes were last. Because Aule created them before the waking of men the would have been awake while men still slept. That`s why Aule had to put them to sleep and wake them after Man awoke. Ugh. Complicated.

But Tolkeen wrote that Aule created the Dwarfes resilenbt, stuborn and strong not to fight Morgoth but to survive in a world ruled by him. And in the end he could only enhance their natural desire to poses than actually put them under his control with the rings he gave them.

I believe I also read that he tried to take them from them after that.

Sorry for the late reply. had to read it up again. And also real life interference. Don`t get me wrong I am glad real live is still there =P (Razz) 

Also thank you for this interesting conversation. 
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This is a rather late response but I believe that what you are referring to is the doom of the elves.  To see it inevitably change before their eyes.  In fact in the supplements mortality is referred to as a gift by Iluvatar to Men.
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Yeah pretty much, but it also seems like a gift to Dwarves too. 
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Possibly but none know where men go after death, where as Dwarves go to the halls of Aule.
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I don't know... Legolas posture seems to imply "you wish you were hot as my Gimli" or "you'll never guess what my left hand is doing" or some depavved sexual practice elves try in their amazingly long lives while Gimli is all "ho ho holly shiiiiiiiit~ that was some great weed they grow in the shire. I'm sooooooo~ high right now"
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You're gonna make me cry. :'(
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Same here 
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Great work! I love your style!
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The ending of the LOTR-Books is sad. It isn't a happy ever-after, after all.
Frodo, still wounded and cursed by the morguls blade, has vanished with the elves to Valinor, Lady Arwen remained as on of the extremly few elves in Middleearth, all elven heritage is starting to be lost forever in middleearth and till now I thought the idea of an ever silent Imladris, an Imladris which isn't the last homly home anymore is the saddest thing.
Then I saw this.

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awesome  askdfhas ifh
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The feeeelllsss
But it's beautiful, don't worry.
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The feeeelllsss
But it's beautiful, don't worry.
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This makes me incredibly sad Q.Q

But it's very beautiful :3
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Touching yet sad. But that's inevitably what all elves face when making friends with non-elves. Still sweet that they remained friends until the end.
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