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Kisses Reference Sheet 2

Haa! you appreciated the first reference! I'm glad to know it!
So here we are..with another one! HEHEHE

if you think that this is useful and you are interested on patreon   you can get:
-all the monthly complete standard reference sheets for $1 (single body parts and gestures)
- all the monthly complete standard and special reference sheets for $5 (fullbodies,action poses, perspectives, interactions)
- or the full pack of all my old and new reference sheets for $15

BTW 45% of my gallery will always be available for free so enjoy it!
use it for your exercises if you need, but don't trace it and put the bloody credits if you publish it please.

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Hello :)

I love your work. Thanks for this great job.

I used one of these for this:

Gentle touch
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Thanks for the help man, I appreciate it a lot.

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the bottom right one [ the one with the cat] is super cute! i swear i do the same thing with one of my cats [ the one who i named my account after: Peanut] :3
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*gasp* one of them isn't kissing!

edit: never mind i see now
See my hot pic here - HotGirls
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AWWWWW the last one! So kawaii!
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It means cute 0w0
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I used this as a pose reference here...
Einherjar kisses by PookaWitch
Thank you so much for making these! They are amazing poses and I'll probably be using more of them. <3
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This was so helpful, thanks! 
Used here: Link and Zelda
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I have used one of these to help better my traditional drawing and have credited it. It can be found under my tumblr account: ThatUnderwoo. I would like to thank you for allowing me to use your helpful references. If anything is wrong with my crediting please let me know. I placed your name and the url to this page. I'd just like to add that I love your work :) 
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I used one of them as a reference, I just suck at drawing people kissing. I credited you on the picture.
:) Your references are amazing, keep up lovely work. <3
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Hi, this is very helpful. I used one here: L o v e and L i f e and in my tumblr, the both with credits. 
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Used for a SasuNaru strip!!…
Thank you so much, it was really helpful
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Cat kisses are the only kisses I'll get until I die
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The top right one is just so -asdfghjkl- CUTE!
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Thank you for making these,I used one of them here:
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Used your reference here!
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Very helpful !:)
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This will be really useful for my comic in the future >.<
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