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Hoods Reference Sheet


time ago someone asked me to draw some hood so.. here we are!

and as always if you are interested you can find the complete series (9) on patreon
You’ll also find stairs, torsos, wings, haircuts, legs, eyes, flowers, cats, hands and more! (for 1$)

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Thanks for the reference
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You know what makes these hoods look good? The size. Real life hooded sweatshirts and such NEVER have big enough hoods.
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Hey, do you think if you ever make a second page of these you could include hoods with the perspective of the direct front, back, and top? Thanks!
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really helpful tysm <3
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hello! may i post some of your reference drawings on my instagram? i will give you full credit. My instagram is @art.help_references
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These are great. 
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this help me so much! n.n
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thx for doing this, this can help me with alot of things.. XDD
but still. thx for making this lol 
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that's a wiiiide smile on the one hidden under the hood
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These are great! Kinda reminds me of Assassin's Creed xD.
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I really love your references! I have a question - could you make some scarf references?
And If you already have one, could you give me the link to it?
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I need hoods down from front view. Is the hardest thing for me to draw perfect for some reason, every I just nope.
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this is great! thank you for sharing this!
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those are very helpful!! even i don't draw humans yet *they look like aliens) finally i know how to draw such things 
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Awesome! Thanks!
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Hey Kibbi! I only just found your reference sheets and I've got to say, they're very helpful! I'm using them for help or something to reference when I'm practicing anatomy sketches, just so that I know I'm going in the right direction.
It's lovely of you to put these out there - thank you! :D
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Hoods are a pain in the ass! I really needed to study them!
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Very helpful, love the charts you make! ^^
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I love all reference sheets you make!!
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