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Couples reference sheets

this monthly reward has many interactions! 6x3! 18 couples!

maybe in february hmmm...some trio, why not? 
I noticed that your favourite kind of references are the interactions so I think I'll draw them again!


if you think that this is useful and you are interested on patreon   you can get:
-all the monthly complete standard reference sheets for $1 (single body parts and some gestures)
- all the monthly complete standard and special reference sheets for $5 (fullbodies,action poses, perspectives, interactions)

The $15 reward is no more available, sorry!

BTW 45% of my gallery will always be available for free so enjoy it!
use it for your exercises if you need, but don't trace it and put the bloody credits if you publish it please.

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Reference sheets collection 2 by Kibbitzer Fabulous Poses reference sheet by Kibbitzer Body types reference sheet by Kibbitzer

Perspective reference sheet 3 by Kibbitzer Scarves reference sheet by Kibbitzer Cuddles reference sheet 4 by Kibbitzer

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dude the males in this one :/

Thank you thank you thank you!!!
My ex boyfriend loved my gift thanks to you. :heart:
I wish you all the best in your life.…
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I based the pose off of the one in the top left!

Plague Robber
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Council of Voices: Gundhams birthday by KKSparks used the second one on top! Thank you!!
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Used this as a reference, and it helped a lot!! Thanks!!!…
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Used the first one as a pose / anatomy ref, thank you for uploading!! :D

06-01-2019 by NekoGirl52
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Ahhhh, I used this as a ref, thank you so much ;A;

FEA: Exalt Family by clgpic
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Used for Ixashandra and Arcann by DreadfulSanity Thanks a lot. Heart 
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good references, i didn;t use the base but i think it will be useful for some beginner :D good job
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even tho i like seeing couples where the female is bigger in body to the male, I wouldn't be in one, But that shit look cute as hell Mah
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People keep claiming that their art is stolen, but there are so many different poses out there, that people might recreate "your" pose themselves (or with a little variation) without even knowing.  I'm not saying there aren't any art thieves out there, but just because someone's pose is almost identical to yours, doesn't automatically mean they stole it from you.  They may have just had the same idea.
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I think they mean that these specific pictures are being reposted or traced, not that the poses themselves are being stolen.
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you have great reference sheets
I used one of these poses as a reference here: Jack and Sally
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There all over each other. ;) ;) ;)
Bella-Who-1's avatar…
I used the top left image from this reference sheet you have. 
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Mature Content

Switched Species by WhispersBetteNoir
 thank you, I modified the pose a little but this really helped
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I think some Poly references would be nice ;w; !
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Just got my reward! These are fantastic, thank you!
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