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Cat reference

cats are cute but difficult to draw °___°
I have always problems looking for good reference images!
so I hope this will help you ^^

if you are interested on patreon  you can find more stuff!
use it for your exercises if you need, but don't trace it please X'D
If you want to show me the result, do it here or on my facebook page! I'll appreciate it XD

patrons or not, thanks for the support!
Reading reference sheet by KibbitzerEating reference sheet by KibbitzerAction reference sheet 2 by KibbitzerAction reference sheet by Kibbitzer
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Do you take art trades or collabs or requests or ideas?

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Hi Kibbitzer. I'm an indie game developer and I'm working on a game for about 2 years, where the main protagonist is a cat. Although the campaign to fund the production was not successful, I've kept developing it. Anyway, I came across your reference drawing of cats while googling, and I must say it's the best I've seen so far. I'm starting to work on the modelling of the game protagonist, a young cat, and although I have no intentions whatsoever to trace your work (because I draw too and know how disrespectful that can be), but I want to use it as reference for my modelling. Unfortunately I can't, at this moment, support you financially through Patreon or donations, but this is for a commercial game that may (or may not) profit in the future. Also I intend to not only give full public credits for the reference, but also record the progress of modelling using your reference (with watermarks) to display on my YouTube, including links to the original work in the description and any media that I publish about game development (website, twitter, sketchfab, facebook), and in-game credits as well. Not to mention my deep and sincere gratitude for the amazing art you're making. I came here for the cat reference, and met a complete artist that provides quality work, I promise you that when my conditions improves I'll make a priority to become a Patreon supporter, no matter if you'll let me use it or not at the momment. So, can I use this Cat reference on my project?
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Very helpful. Ty!
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But am I alowed to use this art style? OwO
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This is a reference sheet, you are not meant to trace or copy Kibbits work.

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Hi, Kibbitzer, thank you very much for this reference pictures, they are awesome and I do love your straight lines, they let my imagination go at full steam :D I think this style is better than realistic drawing. Thks a lot!
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These are amazing! 
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I love cats...😚😙😍😘😗😇😎
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Exactly what I needed. Thanks!
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may I use this as a basic reference? if you need to know the reason, just note's...kind of important.
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"use it for your exercises if you need, but don't trace it and put the bloody credits if you publish it please."
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Love this, reminds me of my cat named Winter. She is the calm cat. Statue cat is how I often refer to her. I think this will be quite useful for me!
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I think one thing that escapes artists who have been dog people and/or never lived closely with cats is how really narrow their bodies are. Cats are FLAT! Just look at how pancake-like they are when they lie on their sides on the floor.

Also their backbones are as flexible as a snake's. A cat in profile, unlike a dog or horse or cow, rarely has a flat back perpendicular to the floor. Most of the time their backs are bowed upwards like a leaf spring on a truck suspension.

The narrow chests of the domestic cat are part of why they can slip through such tight places and how they are super sprinters but can't be distance runners. But that flexible backbone makes up for a lot and adds a lot of length to their running stride which means speed and agility to them. Greyhounds are built the same way, their backs are always rounded. Their bowed back and extended length of stride are what make therm the fastest dog breed over short distances.
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It's really cute! I would like a reference of lazy cats :)
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i really love it... :happybounce: :happybounce: 

thanks for the references~`Dog Creeping 
 i really need it.. La la la la 
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I love it *-* Could you do some references like this but sleeping (or lazy) cats?

(English is not my first language, sorry)
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I might do it! the world always needs cats reference sheets XD
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Ikr <3 Cats are the best *-*
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