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Casual standing pose reference sheet


I didn't think about the most simple reference sheet! 
casual standing poses! everybody need them! 
for a character design, for a simple drawing or an exercise.
they will be perfect in the manual +__+

BTW if you think that this is useful and you are interested on patreon  
you can get the complete series fullsize and all the monthly reference sheets for $5 
(or $1 for the standard references)after all the pledges get processed by patreon!

use it for your exercises if you need, but don't trace it and put the credits if you publish it please X'D

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Zebzy by sisterofdreams  

Used 2nd pose to draw my friend's OC! Thanks! 
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Nintendo Switch by Cheshikat17  
used! this is really helpful
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Used, thank you very much!
BNHA Dabi by ElMoustache
Oh my gosh- these are so useful. I have just pictures and pictures of these for whenever I draw natural poses! Thank you so much for helping me draw much more realistic pieces!
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Used for reference here:  Welcome to The Family by Maryanne007  Thank you. :heart:
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I used third pose reference to draw one of this sketches ^^
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i really appreciate your arts cx 
i have improved so much learning from these art <3
love you and thank youuu:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2] 
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It was really, really useful!
Used here:…
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I really love this reference, it was very useful for me, so this is what i did (and sorry my bad english) :
PS: you are very talented :D
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Referenced the first for this picture!~
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how do u draw the hand on the hip?
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This is very helpful. :)
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It freaks me out how every guy is handsom.
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