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Aging Reference sheet


You should try this exercise! 

Start from the middle-aged man! it's easier!
it's really interesting and perfect to undertstand your skills! 

And if you're interested you can find the fullsize and all the complete reference sheets on patreon !
shoes, torsos, wings, haircuts, legs, eyes, flowers, cats, hands and more! (for 1$)

BTW my reference sheets are just my humble exercises! I like to share them,  
but I'm not a PRO,
I know that I have to improve!
Good luck with your exercises! X'D

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Aging Reference sheet 2 by KibbitzerStairs Reference Sheet by KibbitzerPatreon Rewards by KibbitzerPatreon Rewards by Kibbitzerfemale torso reference sheet 2 by Kibbitzer

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Hey! I love your style! Immediately bought your eBooks! They are amazing.

Can you do more tips and tricks to how to draw the same character in different ages? In animation its mostly done with keeping clothing the same to remind audience its the same character but I'm more interested in something like what you did here.

The differences in proportion both at the face and the body in different age groups.

Snottyrants's avatar
He's beautiful! My favorite drawings there, I could relate those looks to my male relatives! 
SoiledPaper's avatar
I always have a hard time drawing old people but you did a great jobClap 
El-Skully's avatar
The faces remind me of the meme:
Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well!

Great job!
ry0tamitarai's avatar
this is actually really beautiful :->
bombblossoming's avatar
im killing myself before i turn the 6th one LOL
Ms-Mattness's avatar
This is so great! I used it as inspiration for my own variation:… It's not perfect but I'd really appreciate it, if you'd check it out! 
Zabojcerz's avatar
Wow! This is so helpful :)
FuriousMoonDancer's avatar
santa claus is coming to town everyone!
MLPRocks190's avatar
im laughing so hard rn
Angel-of-Apocalypse's avatar
inginuyasha's avatar
Getting older never look so good ^_^
Wake up! You're getting old!

P.S. I like it! Good idea.
NFWar's avatar
Curious. I wana try it out. But first I need to create a human face that doesnt look broken. Give me your skills.
SimonCaneplz's avatar
Which one is a middle age man?
XxXmoonshineonmeXxX's avatar
I would say the middle aged man would either be the last two in the middle row. 
batw1ng's avatar
I love how the childish-ness of the man turns more and more refined to old. Great work! :)
SELT0N's avatar
Wow, this is amazingly good! :happyclap: 
Remle11's avatar
hmph, that a good idea
PolarKarma's avatar
Thank you for the references
RobertLinda4Life's avatar
His beard on the last one looks like a fluffy cloud :3 Great tutorial!
Arahiriel's avatar
That is very well done! Looks really realistic!
Edwar17's avatar
sort of looks like his hair is slipping down his face, great stuff
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