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40 heads


EDIT:I added 10 heads XD


Smoking the pipe by KibbitzerNO MORE ILLUSIONS by KibbitzerThe Hobbit: Totem of naked hairy Dwarves by KibbitzerThor 2: Loki and Frigga by Kibbitzer
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Nice work.

I've been currently trying to practice heads at different angles, but it's difficult. That's actually how I found this. I've tried practicing from life reference to video tutorials. I'm still not confident, and have trouble knowing if my practice is paying off. Usually my biggest problem has been the chin to out cheek and up to the eye while doing different angles. It just never looks right to me.
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i love you. i love your style. i love your work. ahh
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Great inspiration thank you!
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Gosh, what a lot of heads! They're all wonderful, though! I love how they're all different. That shows real skill. :)
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You must really love headshots. My eyes are crossing looking at this and trying to picking out the differences. 
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I love this, thank you!
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<font><font>классный стиль,очень круто:3</font></font>
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Cool! Very interesting and diverse entity.Clap 
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I'm so tempted to color these but they're not only not-mine, but commissions as well. D: 
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yeah it would be a little complicated! they are not my "babies" X'D
but if you need to draw some heads, maybe you can use
this as a reference sheet! there are many types of characters!
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You sir, are my favorite artist.
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oh! thank you bro! :'D :iconpewdiebrofistplz:
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:iconbrofistplz: You're welcome.
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Very nice I love your touch !

Can I ask you a Queshtion :3 ? 

What software did you used ? And which pencil/brush :3 ?
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thank you!
I use photoshop cs5 and the brush is...
the standard brush! the thickness of the line depends
on the pressure of the pen XD
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Damn. I have CC and I can't do drawings like this, like you just draw them once, in one huge pressure ... :[ 
Np, I'll train :D
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wow, its been months since I've last visited your gallery. You've improved so much! Keep at it! :D
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awww thank you!!
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