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Twilight's Empire


You came to the wrong empire.

I saw this floating around everywhere today. I just had to.

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Sexy vectors used

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I think I found my new wallpaper
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Why doesn't it say: You CANE to the wrong empire?

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I could name a thousand reasons.
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That's one of them, Kib hates fun things.
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The queen hath arrived!
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Ugh I never though I would complain that my desktop was too large.  Wallpaper resolution is too small :(
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And she ruled with an iron... uhh... scepter. :XD:
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EquestrianDeviants's avatar
Aww, We were second to make a Twicane wallpaper while you were the first! DX
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MissSerbianJelena's avatar
All hail to the princess
JacobterranceBridges's avatar
Love it. You came to the wrong empire?
ijustloveit619's avatar
karkovice1's avatar
I, for one, welcome our new alicorn overlord! :XD:
MrWonderWorks's avatar
God Bless Twilight!
CosmicTail42's avatar
I want that scepter!!
SchwarzerRitter's avatar
A few will pop up on eBay soon.
tetrisman64's avatar
Look at the face on that scepter.
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