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Morning Illumination


"The eldest used her unicorn powers at dawn to raise the sun"

Sooooo, after a couple of months of not pumping out a wallpaper, I'm finally back with a new one! This one is the first installment of a 4 part series too. More to come soon~

Various high quality resolution downloads:

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Best Princess Wallpaper!!!!! Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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Incredible.. Princess Celestia Icon Profile guide me to the light!

What software do you use? 
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No, I meant what kind of program do you use ( ex.. Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI, Manga Studio 5, Gimp, Paint, Inkscape, etc... )? 
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Ponies sure have "showed me the light"... or at least brigthened my life by an incredible amount! :D
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what do you use to make stuff like this
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So shiny. (0.0)
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What font is that, it's wonderful.
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Well. I guess I have a new background now.
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Amazing work as always :)
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Celestia Illuminati... I knew it !
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