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Magenta Pastry


Cotton candy flavored cotton candy.

Ayyyyy! Back again finally with the fourth installment of my doodle bop series! Each one of these in this series was made in an hour or less all together. 

Multiple resoultions, include phone wallpaper variants, will be released when I finish uploading all of them!

Sports Horse by KibbieTheGreat Yellow Timid by KibbieTheGreat

Fashion Horse by KibbieTheGreat Magenta Pastry by KibbieTheGreat

Applejim by KibbieTheGreat Purple Smart by KibbieTheGreat

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What Apps Do Ya Use To Make These Wallpapers c:
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I turn on my computer, press a bunch of buttons, cry inside, drink an energy drink, mash more buttons, click a lot of things, then somehow artwork gets pooped out from my computer.

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Pinkie Pie...I  have to kill you for making my dad hate ponies!
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Nopony's more fun than Pinkie Pie.

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It's gonna hit you like a TON OF FUN!
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