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Flutter Trip - VIP - 50k Pageviews


She depends on you.

YOOOOOOO! I hit 50k pageviews! Here's a VIP of an old wallpaper thing I made last year as a token of my thanks~

Flutter Trip by KibbieTheGreat

Various high quality resolution downloads:

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This Fluttershy wallpaper is really charming! Heart Love 
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Whoa! that does look cute and adorable. I noticed how the graphics were changed from the last one. Nice work, but that does make me want to hug fluttershy.
Suukorak0's avatar
That's what plushies are for. Huggle! 
YesImDeadpool's avatar
Embrace me Flutters!! :D
Rutgerman95's avatar
Watch out! There's a E.C.O (Extremely Cute Object) comming straight at us at high velocity!
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Monk-Preston's avatar
Woah man, Kibbie, it's been forever!
Game-BeatX14's avatar
I love it! Looks a lot cleaner than the old version. Congrats on 50,000 pagviews dude, welcome to the club xD
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Yay! Fluttershy is flying straight at me for a hug! :iconfluttershyyesplz: Congratulations on 50k page-views!
LugiaDialga's avatar
Lookin' good (and completely adorable~), Kibbie~ Congrats on the 50k pageviews wowzers!
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