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FiM wallpaper - Harmony Revitalized REDUX

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All this nostalgia~

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Download the 1920x1080 JPG version here
Download the 1920x1200 PNG version here
Download the 1920x1200 JPG version here

:iconepiskopi: Episkopi is a badass artist. He hasn't really been around as much as he used to be, but this guy still inspires me today. A lot of my artwork has pulled inspiration from his stuff. I feel like people are starting to forget about him, so I made this to show him some love and maybe help get his name back out there.

This wallpaper was really fun to recreate. It was fun to give some new life to an older wallpaper.

See the original version he made here 

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Vector credits are as follows:

:iconmoongazeponies: made Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, and Pinkie Pie

:iconmindnomad: made the Applejack vector (which was a pain to find)

:iconshelltoontv: made Rarity and Rainbow Dash
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wow, the original to this is super old and isn't even up anymore (Episkopi deactivated his account too. what a shame.), though i'd kinda get why, considering maybe this and maybe a few other wallpapers were being sold at cons without permission and stuff. Same reason I took down my Pony vector art.

Regardless. this looks very nice. great job man
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KibbieTheGreatHobbyist Digital Artist
Well I'm friends with him and he gave me a full thumbs up to do my own spin on his thing when I asked. But yes, a lot of people have been selling his artwork without permission.
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would it be ok if I use this wallpaper for my google account?
I intend on making this some sort of brony channel so it will be kinda public....
KibbieTheGreat's avatar
KibbieTheGreatHobbyist Digital Artist
Go for it!
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The original wallaper was one of my first FiM-related wallpapers, and this recreation as a fantastic tribute, and would also be a great wallpaper in any other case. Great job!
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Thanks for uploading this, I used it to make my custom chrome theme.:) (Smile) 
Rainbow-Slash-Pegasi's avatar
Sparkly... I love all of there expressions!
Larscis's avatar
Another quality product from our number one purveyor of horse gradients.
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ServalFuruHobbyist General Artist
So Awesome!~
djentlewolf's avatar
So shiny.. :O
FeanorKelsick's avatar
very nice, finally a Mane 6 wallpaper I will use
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DestinyDecadeHobbyist General Artist
This is a major improvement indeed.
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JasonSonicZombieHobbyist Digital Artist
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Very Pretty Work, You Wouldn't mind if I Used this as a screensaver would you?
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EpiskopiHobbyist Digital Artist
Holy shit dude! For second there when I saw it in my inbox, from the thumbnail anyway, I thought someone stole my original and went mad with lens-flare! This is an awesome redux dude :) Thank you!

And I admit, I got a bit of a feel when reading that description. Its always cool to see some people still inspired by my half-assed works. :') 
KibbieTheGreat's avatar
KibbieTheGreatHobbyist Digital Artist
And then my day was made. 

Glad you like it dude, you need to keep in more contact if you're not too busy with college. Very rarely see ya on skype anymore XD
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Sorry dude, this wallpaper just seems incredibly busy to me. I love the original, but this just seems like it's trying too hard. Too many sparkles, overused/randomly-placed transparent copies... It's like Photoshop exploded. Not really working for me. 
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Bravo539Hobbyist Digital Artist
So sparkly...
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AffinityShy Filmographer
I love the original. This redux though, it's AMAZING! 20% cooler, hooves down. Fantastic work!
Nascarcatcar's avatar
NascarcatcarHobbyist Filmographer
Ooh, Sparkly.
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NicolasDominiqueProfessional Artist
Nice and awesome wallpaper ^^
DeathNyan's avatar
You just made it 20% cooler. :D
God, I remember when that line was fun to say. Now, it seems normal.
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Game-BeatX14Hobbyist Digital Artist
All dem sparkles, so shiny <3

The original version of this was actually the first pony wallpaper I ever used on my desktop.
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