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Yejide and her son by KibatheAlphaWolf Yejide and her son :iconkibathealphawolf:KibatheAlphaWolf 2 8 King Yazid and Queen Zainabu by KibatheAlphaWolf King Yazid and Queen Zainabu :iconkibathealphawolf:KibatheAlphaWolf 0 0 King and Queen (OPEND) by KibatheAlphaWolf King and Queen (OPEND) :iconkibathealphawolf:KibatheAlphaWolf 4 0 Mother And Cubs (Opened) by KibatheAlphaWolf Mother And Cubs (Opened) :iconkibathealphawolf:KibatheAlphaWolf 1 7 Queen Zuri X Chuki's Boys by KibatheAlphaWolf Queen Zuri X Chuki's Boys :iconkibathealphawolf:KibatheAlphaWolf 3 0 Queen Zuri X Chuki's Girls by KibatheAlphaWolf Queen Zuri X Chuki's Girls :iconkibathealphawolf:KibatheAlphaWolf 2 0 Klaus X June's Pups by KibatheAlphaWolf Klaus X June's Pups :iconkibathealphawolf:KibatheAlphaWolf 0 12 Stay away fomr June. by KibatheAlphaWolf Stay away fomr June. :iconkibathealphawolf:KibatheAlphaWolf 1 70 Klaus's Mate (CLOSED) by KibatheAlphaWolf Klaus's Mate (CLOSED) :iconkibathealphawolf:KibatheAlphaWolf 0 11 Salim the Lion by KibatheAlphaWolf Salim the Lion :iconkibathealphawolf:KibatheAlphaWolf 0 0 Zuri the Lioness by KibatheAlphaWolf Zuri the Lioness :iconkibathealphawolf:KibatheAlphaWolf 4 0 Zaila and King Raheem by KibatheAlphaWolf Zaila and King Raheem :iconkibathealphawolf:KibatheAlphaWolf 3 4 Lion Family Adoptable (CLOSED) by KibatheAlphaWolf Lion Family Adoptable (CLOSED) :iconkibathealphawolf:KibatheAlphaWolf 3 14 King Khamisi X Bintu by KibatheAlphaWolf King Khamisi X Bintu :iconkibathealphawolf:KibatheAlphaWolf 2 0 Karimah and Daktari's Son Kereenyaga by KibatheAlphaWolf Karimah and Daktari's Son Kereenyaga :iconkibathealphawolf:KibatheAlphaWolf 2 11 King Daktari and Karimah by KibatheAlphaWolf King Daktari and Karimah :iconkibathealphawolf:KibatheAlphaWolf 1 8


Adoptable Cub batch from my Ocs (4/8) OPEN by LinaEnell Adoptable Cub batch from my Ocs (4/8) OPEN :iconlinaenell:LinaEnell 1 14 Dimitri by xauthor108 Dimitri :iconxauthor108:xauthor108 3 2 Aden by LinaEnell Aden :iconlinaenell:LinaEnell 4 0 Lukongolo by LinaEnell Lukongolo :iconlinaenell:LinaEnell 4 3 Queen Kiho's lionesses by LinaEnell Queen Kiho's lionesses :iconlinaenell:LinaEnell 4 7 Ajani by LinaEnell Ajani :iconlinaenell:LinaEnell 4 14 Queen Kiho by LinaEnell Queen Kiho :iconlinaenell:LinaEnell 3 32 Feimata by LinaEnell Feimata :iconlinaenell:LinaEnell 2 0 Prince Nedum's baby brother Monga by LinaEnell Prince Nedum's baby brother Monga :iconlinaenell:LinaEnell 3 0 Family adopt OPEN (0/3) (CLOSED) by LinaEnell Family adopt OPEN (0/3) (CLOSED) :iconlinaenell:LinaEnell 4 9 Adelia by AlvahTheMainMare88 Adelia :iconalvahthemainmare88:AlvahTheMainMare88 3 4 Uh H-Hello... by weirdlioness Uh H-Hello... :iconweirdlioness:weirdlioness 100 8 AUS: RaC - Page 4 by WhiteKimya AUS: RaC - Page 4 :iconwhitekimya:WhiteKimya 342 37 Adopt a mother and daughter (CLOSED) by LinaEnell Adopt a mother and daughter (CLOSED) :iconlinaenell:LinaEnell 3 5 Adopt a lion (CLOSED) by LinaEnell Adopt a lion (CLOSED) :iconlinaenell:LinaEnell 2 5



Yejide and her son
Before Chuki dead he raped 2 more lionesses Yejide and her mother made both pregnant.

I get her form LinaEnell

Both belongs to me

Base by :iconmerlynsmidnight:
King and Queen (OPEND)
King: 20 Points
Queen 20 Points

Both: 4 points

Do not send the points tell i give to send them
Do not chagne he desgins
Do not chage the queen to a other queen
Have fun


Base by LinaEnell 
Mother And Cubs (Opened)
Mother: Taken by Josephinethestatuete i will make a full body of the mother
Cubs: 5 points each
Cream Cub: Taken by Josephinethestatuete 

All: 20 points

Credit me the first time you use them for they designs!
Don't Change the cubs gender!
You can add small scars and other small changes
Please pay for adoptable in my Donation Pool!

Base by BlackArtKitty
Olds ocs for sell i never us them. Please keep they desgin the some thank you and some with they parents. of you do not have many points for the ones that are higer them 10 points you are welcome to do half points and a oc trade to.


Kaatje by KibatheAlphaWolf 20 Points
Newborn Twins by KibatheAlphaWolf 60 points (They all have to go together)

Thunder by CalypsotheDoe 30 Points
Ron by CalypsotheDoe 20 Points
My new OC Calypso. by CalypsotheDoe 1 Point
Shadowmoon by CalypsotheDoe 10 Points (Yes the ocs i'm adding frm CalypsotheDoe is my old acct)
Sarah and Bandit by CalypsotheDoe Sarah is for 5 Points
Zoey's Family by CalypsotheDoe 40 Points (They have to go together you are welcome to name the stallion and colt)
Hannah and her dam Helsinki. by CalypsotheDoe 20 Points (They need go together)
Dan and Sarah's Foals by CalypsotheDoe 50 Points (They need to go together)
Shadow by CalypsotheDoe 1 Point
Skull's Sister Moon by CalypsotheDoe 20 Points (She is mates to Abaddon SophieDog14 do you what her she is mates to your boy)
Sarah the Queen of the Outlawlands by GaaraoftheSand1001 10 Points

THE SOLD: (Please! make sure to save their reference images and fiches (If you want) because I'll remove it from my gallery.
Tell me when you're ready :3)

Shafira by KibatheAlphaWolf Taken by RivertailofRiverclan
Katungi by KibatheAlphaWolf Taken by LinaEnell 


KibatheAlphaWolf's Profile Picture
United States
Hi guys i’m 23 year old girl i really do not like to wear girl clothes. I know i’m a girl but i’m more a tomboy then a girly girl. I have a German Shepherd mix Husky named Shamu i have not named her my father get her form a pet story. They named her Shamu form the Killer Whale Shamu. I’m the youngest out of my sister and my brother i love anime my fave is Wolf’s Rain. I do like more anime but Wolf’s Rain is my number one anime. I was so happy will i get it for Christmas i get it form my sister. I do like other movies like Jurassic Park movies and Jurassic World, Resident Evil and more. I do like Disney movies and i’m a gamer i love playing Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts, Spyro. I do not like will people tell me to do things that they can do it them safe.


KibatheAlphaWolf has started a donation pool!
407 / 10,000
Feel free to donate. ^w^ If you'd like you can. Thanks a lot ^^ I just opened points for adoptables..^w^

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