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Sailor Moon CS - ch1 p00

By Kibate
all SM-CS pages/chapters can be downloaded as a batch here: Chapter 01-06 50mb

for anyone checking it out, be sure to give the other chapters a glance because the art will improve with each chapter!
Sailor Moon CS - the Comic, Chapter 1 Page 00

Finally, the comic is here! For now, the cover of chapter 1
Remember, i'm german? And i usually only upload german stuff? Well, not now! And it's all for you!

The cover is, for all of you hardcore sailormoon fans, a remake of the first book-cover from the SM-Manga.

And yeah, i added a bow again, in the first version she didn't had a bow, but i thought something was missing and added her a modern bow, not the kind that was in the original version

Look forward to page1-2 tomorrow^^
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bruiser128's avatar
What does the CS stand for?
Kibate's avatar
That's a secret that will be revealed in the end(if i ever get to draw it that is...)
bruiser128's avatar
Well either i'm not surprised to find someone who
made a dark Nolany re imagining of Sailor Moon.
The same way Zach Snder reimagined Superman…
Kibate's avatar
I did it before it was cool though
bruiser128's avatar
Well that makes sense, but either way I have
always wondered what a westernized comic
book style Sailor Moon would be like.
Kibate's avatar
Yeah, unfortunately it becomes more manga like in future chapters due to fan demand. I actually wanted it to become like a superhero comic at first, but now it has more become like a japanese shounen manga
bruiser128's avatar
Well to be honest I can easily see the Sailor Moon mythos
blending easily with a DCAU esque world. All you need to do 
is move the Fortress of Solitude to the moon and keep the 
same art style.
Hahakomma1's avatar
Ich werde es demnächst lesen...

Hoffe, das es ok für dich ist, das ich dich auf meiner Homepage linke, da ich gerade eine Liste von Doujinshis von Magical Girls mache :D

Wobei ich bloß sailor Moon Doujinshis kenne... Naja, ich werd bestimmt noch mehr finden
Kibate's avatar
Das ist definitiv kein Problem^^
AnimeKatieKitty's avatar
cool change in the costume. :)
RainingMoonWitch's avatar
very good job, you made them have some toughness!
Viper-X27's avatar
What does the "CS" stand for?
Kibate's avatar
that's a secret no one knows, that will be revealed in the end of the first big arc(i.e. shortly before beryl dies)
Viper-X27's avatar
I'm just gonna have to keep reading then.
SwordTiger8888's avatar
I love the glowing crescent moon behind her. I like her hair too and the hand that points at the viewers.
leopup13's avatar
what does CS mean?
Kibate's avatar
It's a secret that will be revealed in the very last chapter of the first arc
Since i am as slow as hell that would be like in 5 years or so XP

truth is, it's just a cheap way to make people curious about it so they will keep on reading XP (but it DOES indeed stand for something)
leopup13's avatar
okay, just wanted to know, also, it might be a good idea to put a 'next' and 'pervious' link on your author's notes, might make it easier for readers to go the right way instead of haveing to go back to your gallery to look for the next page.
Kibate's avatar
i didn't do it because deviantart does it automatically if you open a page by clicking on it in the gallery.
Just go to here
and click on a page(not don't open it in a new tab)
and then you can click on next/previous
or just open every page in a new tab, wait 1 minute, and then go read it and click on X everytime you finish a page

i guess i should have told people about the first method ealier....but you know, there IS always still another option, that is to download the entire chapter and then read it on your pictureviewer of choice.
leopup13's avatar
well, that's the thing, i did download the link you gave and it just gave me a file that i could not open or look at
Kibate's avatar
it's an .ace file, you might need winace to extract it.Winace is like the best program to open compact files since it is free and can open pretty much any compact files(like zip, rar etc.)
i thought winrar or winzip might be able to do it too, i guess i was wrong sorry
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