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Sailor Moon CS - Christmas

Just something so you won't miss SM-CS too much until january. I actually wanted it to upload on christmaseve, but i just can't wait to post a finished pic.

It's the female sailormoon-cs cast of the first season(except for the enemys of course) and technically it could be canon.

And yeah, venus/minako is hidden because she hasn't really appeared yet in the comic XP The first time i am going to draw her i want her to make her really beautiful, so i have to wait as long as i can to draw her face.

If you are wondering, rei is drunk. Someone mixed alcohol in the drink(use your imagination on who it was). Usagi is weirded out by this, naru is a bit jealous, ami and makoto are shocked, luna just doesn't care and meioh, as the cop she is, realizes that there might be alc in the drink.(remember, everyone except meioh and luna are minors)

i can tell ya, i will NEVER draw backgrounds without outlines ever again! It was such a huge pain in the ass, i can't describe it.

well, hope you like it and have a very fun christmas^^

p.s.: I will never say something like "happy holidays" christmas is a festival of LOVE and not christianity. -.-
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Wonderfull pic, all of the girl look very cute!
GentleOceanMichuru's avatar
Rei's face is PRICELESS. :XD:
RakikoHime's avatar
awesome and with so many characters a very nice art!
tiny-breath's avatar
Oh man, I want drunk Rei to hang out with me =P
frida-zodiaco's avatar
hey a question...
is naru gonna be a important character in your story?
Kibate's avatar
only as a side character
but she won't disappear after the second season like in the original haha
frida-zodiaco's avatar
nice!!! at least she will know about usagi's double life no?
Kibate's avatar
yeah, actually, she will allready know about it in the first season
Marril96's avatar
Very pretty pic! And I love how you draw boots ;)
IT'S PERFECT. I nearly died laughing when I saw Usagi. *glares at Luna* Bad cat!! No spiking the minor's drink!!! Dx
moonstruck26's avatar
Incredible job! :)
PrismOfLife's avatar
Ich hatte gehofft ich könnte mir Minako endlich mal richtig ansehen. ;P
Man sieht dass in dem Bild eine Menge Arbeit drin steckt, ich finds super.
Und ganz nebenbei: Narus Schuhe mag ich am liebsten, solche Absätze finde ich immer am schönsten.
icecheetah's avatar
Merry Christmas? How un-PC!
But I don't think it should matter which you use. Christmas has kinda slided away from Christianity recently.

Anyway, it's entertaining to see Rei drunk, but why is Usagi so uncomfortable. She did kiss Rei on the forehead...
Kibate's avatar

well, first of all, it was "only" on the forehead. Second, she didn't really like it, she said "you've got to be kidding me"
and third, well, this christmasparty plays after the first arc, and something happened between those two before that. Don't want to go into any details until its in the story
icecheetah's avatar
Politically Correct. Some people are (or were, don't hear too much about it now) really paranoid about the possibility of insulting anyone, so they try and avoid any thing which has even a minor chance of being insulting. Example, forbidding christmas decorations in the office, in case it offended the muslim workers. There were even laws passed.

Kibate's avatar
ah, i see, yeah, if i am not at work i am pretty non-PC haha
"technically" of course. But it is indeed a troublesome subject, religion that is.
I've talked with my father about it a few days ago, and technically every nation should either forbid every religion outside of ones own home(so no churches or whatever) or allow every single one. "As long as it doesn't cross the human rights laws" of course, but a lot of people think the human rights are not correct(in their own stupid point of view) and so the trouble begins again. But there is no real solution as long as humans are human, so no need to think about it^^
icecheetah's avatar
Good for you! You have one less source of stress than anyone who takes political correctness overly seriously.

It is a debate that will probably go on for a long time.
Meroko26's avatar
Luna's panties are showing! After getting over that, my favorite part is naru. She looks so cuuuute :glomp: !
MuseWhimsy's avatar
Great amount of detail! I love everyone's expressions.
Particularly the yuri undertones. XD
But Minako doesn't have her bow! :ohnoes:
SilverAngle's avatar
Looks likes everyone is having fun, even you.
You just having second thoughts on how much you put in Rei's tea XD
ChelseaDanger's avatar
Lol, Usagi's expression is priceless! A perfect Christmas picture from the Sailor Moon CS gals! :love:
Sixala's avatar
I want a outfit like Ami does >:
luv Luna in this one~ and the Rei Bunny thing was so predictable >w>
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