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Writing Commissions
EDIT: 2019 Waitlist OPEN!

- I do all business via Notes and please communicate in English.
- I will not take on any commissions from people who are rude or who are asking for over the top things.
- My prices aren't negotiable, but payment plans are okay.
- I will write a minimum of 400 words per piece.
- I will write a maximum of 2000 words per piece.

- Do not rush me, I promise that each chapter/commission will be done within 3 months*.
- NSFW (gore or sexual) is okay. If you're unsure wether or not I'll be okay with writing something, drop me a comment on my page (do not note me).
- NO REFUNDS. I will not repay if you “suddenly need the money back”.

*If I do not post your commission within 3 months of accepting it, you will received a 25% discount - this is my guarantee.

I will not write anything to do with (this will be updated regularly):
- Incest
- Rape
- Underage sexual nsfw (characters for nsfw must be 18+)

Short Story:
- Can be OC x OC, OC x Cannon or Cannon x Cannon.
>> Depending on the series, I may or may not know lore, etc.
- One chapter and no longer than 2000 words.
>> Can be a song fic.

Short Stories - Series:
- Please provide enough information on the characters and backstory.
- No more than 5 chapters.
- 2000 words per chapter

- $1/100p per 200 words.
- Price range is $2/200p to $10/1000p per chapter.
- Payment plans are accepted if the order goes over $10/1000p.

Price Variations:
- Rush (by a deadline, want it done asap): +100%

The Process:
- Note me your idea with Commission: (Your Username) as the title.
- Give me the details including if you're paying in points or by paypal.
- Once I accept, you must pay full cost upfront.
- I will then send you a link to the unedited document. At this point you are able to make changes (within reason).
- I will edit it and then give you the link to the finished product.
- Download the document and enjoy.

- Again - no refunds. I will not repay if you “suddenly need the money back”.
- If you do not reply to my notes with feedback, I will link you the finished product regardless. I will make changes when you finally reply.
- You must comply with any agreements we make.
- If you do not pay within 1 month of me accepting, it will be cancelled until you pay.
- If you commission me, you agree to allowing me to post your commission to my deviantART account as an example. However, if you don't want your commission posted please include it in your note to me and I will not post it.
- You are allowed to repost the writing I give you if you credit me. Those who repost and don't give credit will be blacklisted.

Fandom's I'm comfortable with: List of Fandoms

Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle


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Cat * KibaRoark * Writer

Female * Straight * Depressed
Pagan * Spiritual * Tarot
Tired * Imaginative * Hopeful
Manga * Anime * Vido Games
Rock Music * Fantasy * Cosplay

- 50% charged

code by cameko-code

EDIT: Any open spots are now 20p each!

Here's a newly updated list of my best fandoms, feel free to request outside of them though: List of Fandoms

 Numbers corresponds to days:
1. Candy Corn - AkaneTsukino1 | Kyouka/Atsushi
2. Slime - my request | Sidon/Link
3. Skeletons - Closed
4. Werewolves - NoIntegri-Tae | Kaka/Hyou
5. Vampires - AkaneTsukino1 | Sadie/Anubis
6. Grim Reaper - Closed
7. Trick-or-Treating - my request | Epsilon/Theta
8. Curses - Closed
9. Dolls - Closed
10. Clowns - Closed
11. Blood - AkaneTsukino1 | Dazai/Chuuya (nsfw)
12. Knives  - Closed 
13. Devil - NoIntegri-Tae | Tae/Iru
14. Ouija Board - Closed

15. Graveyard - Closed
16. Costume Party - AkaneTsukino1 | Lance/Keith
17. Pumpkin Carving - Closed
18. Masks - Closed

19. Haunted House - AkaneTsukino1 | Alice/Boris
20. Being Followed
21. Zombies
22. Cauldron
23. Bones
24. Ghost Hunting - Upon request of my irl bf | Link/Zelda 
25. Ghosts 
26. Snap Dragon (game)
27. Scary Movie - Upon request of my irl bf | Shelly/Courtney (nsfw)
28. Power Outage - AkaneTsukino1 | Tohru/Kyo (nsfw)
29. Bats
30. Spiders
31. Candles - AkaneTsukino1 - Todoroki/Yaomomo

If you’d like a slot please let me know!
I will not write underage sex, incest or rape.
Can be CannonXCannon, CannonXOc, OcXOc!

The scenarios can be NSFW - sexual or gore.  



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Who has popular fandom characters? Like MLP, Sonic, Homestuck, FNAF, etc? Cause I do :'''') 

Link me them :3
Going through some tough irl stuff rn. Commissions will take a bit longer than normal to get finished - sorry. They'll still be done within the 3 month guarantee tho... 
Another awesome free MYO event (nm)
Any Bungou Stray Dogs fans play the app game (Bungou Tales)?


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