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okay people
I still have stuff to do and I'm going to do it //eventually *shot* sorry for the delay but anyway I decided this account is just so cluttered idek so I'm moving :I I'll probably be on and off on this one and who knows maybe I'll come back.. but for now I'll only be on every so often bleh but as for my active watchers and buddys anyone that cares just note me and I'll link you to my new account I'll probably be watching some of you but it'll take a bit for me to sort through all the people i watch o-o'' anywayy so yea my characters there are going to be ones you've seen here probably jsyk ;3 byebye now
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:D:D B-Day! :party: Hope you have a fun one & that this year will be your best yet... :heart:  

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:D:D B-Day! Here again, just in case... :heart:
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*T O U C H E S*