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Cyberia set 2 by Kiba122 Cyberia set 2 :iconkiba122:Kiba122 2 6 Cyber set by Kiba122 Cyber set :iconkiba122:Kiba122 5 10 Easter Spanking by Kiba122 Easter Spanking :iconkiba122:Kiba122 20 3
Rebecca's journey
Rebekka's Journey.
Once not so long ago, there lived a young girl who went by the name of Rebekka. She was a beautiful child, she was so outgoing, loving, caring and spontanious. she always thought of others before herself. She was raised in a mystical and magical forest by the fairy's and the unicorns whom loved Rebeeka very deeply. The fairy's and unicorns knew that one day Rebekka would be of age to where she would start making her own decissions, and they were also fearful that she may decide to go searching for the world outside of the forest. But little did they know that thier fear of Rebekka leaving the forest would be nothing compared to what lied ahead.
One afternoon Rebekka decided that she wanted to take a walk through out the forest. So she went and told the fairy's and the unicorns to let them know of what she was going to do. She even made a promise to be back before sunset that evening. As she walked Rebekka sang to herself. She came to a field full of bright and beauti
:iconkiba122:Kiba122 1 9
Kodi's punishment
During the night at Balto's house."Ok kids dinner is here" said Balto. Then all of a sudden the two pups named Kodi
and Dingo."Yay thanks dad" said both of them. "your welcome little ones"said balto. Then the three of them started
to eat dinner then all of a sudden "Hey eat your own half" said Dingo."Make me" said Kodi. then they started to
fight while Balto is sleeping from a full stomach. Then all of a sudden Balto jumped awake at a sound of a yelp.
When Balto came into the room he found Dingo crying after his tail has been bit "Son what happened" said Balto.
"K-Kodi bit my tail" said Dingo. After hearing that he turned to Kodi and scolded him. Kodi knew he was in trouble
and backed away from his father who ended him into a corner. "Young man your in so much trouble"Balto firmly said
to Kodi as he took him across his lap. "No dad please i'm sorry please don't"pleaded Kodi."sorry son you need to
learn not to bite your brother"said Balto moving Kodi's tail out of the way and starts spa
:iconkiba122:Kiba122 6 30
farting a blue flame by Kiba122 farting a blue flame :iconkiba122:Kiba122 1 9 wolf spanking a fox 2 by Kiba122 wolf spanking a fox 2 :iconkiba122:Kiba122 28 3
bolts punishment
One day at penny's house Bolt was up to no good again and he already had his last warning.
''Bolt stop right now or else'' said Penny. ''Or else what'' asked Bolt. So Bolt continued to misbehave.
''Bolt if I were you I'd better stop'' said Mittens. ''Yeah what she said'' said Rhino. ''What is she gonna do
spank me hahahahahahahahaha'' said Bolt. '' I wasn't going to but that is a great idea Bolt'' said Penny
Mittens and Rhino left because Penny told them to. Then she grabbed Bolt by his paw and dragged him
over to a chair and put him over her knees. Lifted his tail and put it against his back and she raised her
free hand brought it down nice and hard on his rear with a loud *SMACK* across Bolts rear. He yelped at
the pain.
*SMACK*SMACK*SMACK*SMACK*SMACK*SMACK* now went across Bolt's rear which who was now crying
his eyes out Penny looked at his rear and saw a little bit of pink through his white fur. ''Hold on Bolt I will
be right back and don't run away or you will get more spankings'
:iconkiba122:Kiba122 2 21
Earth Eternal by Kiba122 Earth Eternal :iconkiba122:Kiba122 0 0 Wolf spanking a fox by Kiba122 Wolf spanking a fox :iconkiba122:Kiba122 24 18 my kind of game by Kiba122 my kind of game :iconkiba122:Kiba122 0 1 present 2 part4 by Kiba122 present 2 part4 :iconkiba122:Kiba122 0 0 present 2 part 3 by Kiba122 present 2 part 3 :iconkiba122:Kiba122 0 0 my present 2 part 2 by Kiba122 my present 2 part 2 :iconkiba122:Kiba122 0 0 my present 2 by Kiba122 my present 2 :iconkiba122:Kiba122 0 0 my first present by Kiba122 my first present :iconkiba122:Kiba122 0 9


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platforming peril! :iconthemarriedgamers:theMarriedGamers 26 21
Chapter 12 page 3 by FlyingPony Chapter 12 page 3 :iconflyingpony:FlyingPony 23 10 Wiz Punishment by MalortComics785
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Hi my name is kiba122 and i just wanted to say that i don't mind what people say about furry's cause the people that love or hate furry's are only saying what they feel about fur's so let's not get into a fight i know for myself i don't care about what people say about furs it's their opinion but please lets not fight
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