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Favourite genre of music: Rock, Hard-rock, metal, instrumental
Favourite style of art: Anime/manga
Favourite cartoon character: Ikuto Tsukiyomi, Kaitou kid, Roxas ,Vincent valentine, Kenshin ,



: Joey
Number: 55
Rank: 1
Type: fire

Handler: Victor

Age: 14
Height: 150cm / 4'9"

Root: Goodfellow's tree-kangaroo
House: Valerian


Joey was born in a poor family somewhere in the town outskirts. He was barely born when his parents went separate ways, his mom taking care of him. Unfortunately she soon fell ill. By the time Joey was 6, his mom had already passed away, and some friends of her took him in. They did promise the ill mother they'd take care of him after all, should she die from the illness. So Joey grew up with them. Since the couple had also a daughter, he now had a playmate. But he didn't feel loved and cared for, since of course they gave all their love and attention to their own daughter. So Joey started to feel sad, even if he tried not to show it.

One day, when Joey was out in town buying food for diner. While looking around for what his adoptive parents told him to buy, he spotted a wooden toy. He never got any toys to play with. And thought that maybe he'd feel less sad if he had a toy to play with. But the money was for food, he didn't have enough for food and a toy. So he decided and managed to steal it. For a moment he felt really happy. But then what would his family think of him ? Stealing was bad right ? So he discarded the toy somewhere on the road, still feeling sad. But still, to feel that small bit of happyness, he would steal again next time. And the next. And the next. Until it became an urge to steal things he saw, just so he could be happy, even if he felt bad afterwards and ended up hiding, discarding or returning the stolen stuff. It was kind of a vicious cycle, feeling bad so he stole, feeling good while stealing, but feeling bad again afterwards for what he did.

Years passed, and even though he knew it was bad, he couldn't stop stealing. Sometimes he would get caught stealing, but he was still a kid, so he got away with getting scolded, or a fine for his parents to pay. After a while , this gave his family a bad reputation, and rumors went on. Like they were all criminals, parents didn't care for their children, or even that the girl was stealing too. The family got enough of it, so they decided to give Joey to the academy and get rid of him that way.


+ sociable
+ friendly
+ open minded
+ daring

- impulsive
- stubborn
- restless
- moody


+ stealing
+ climbing trees
+ fruits and nuts
+ learning new stuff
+ rain

- stealing x'D
- cold
- cabbage
- seeing people be sad or upset
- rumors

Ability: Joey is good at climbing most anything. While not on the ground , he is able to jump quite far, and can jump about 15 meters down without hurting himself (unless he lands head or back first of course).


- his tail is a bit longer than he is tall
- his moods can swing pretty quickly
- has kleptomania
- if feeling really guilty/remorseful, he will try to return discreetly what he stole
- hugs his tail while sleeping
Studying under a tree
exp to no.33

Little Ziyan doing his best studying herbology, somewhere near de courtyard. Right now he's just trying to figure out what he can do with gingko and ginseng xD

Also, what are rocks and hibiscus flowers :/
Ab-Orbis: Ziyan
Name: Ziyan (pronounced dzee-yan)
Number: 33
Rank: 3

Age: 16
Height: 161cm / 5'2"

Root: black leopard
House: Chamomille


Ziyan's birth was kind of an accident. His parents were the type to have one night stands with lots of different people, so Ziyan's mother wasn't even sure who the father was exactly. Despite him being an accident, Ziyan's mother kept him and tried to raise him like a good mother, but after his birth, she soon felt like she wasn't made for that, and that Ziyan was more of a burden than anything else. After all she couldn't go out and have fun a lot when she ahd a baby. So she gave him to an orphanage, where he was raised among other kids like him. Though being shy and kinda still weak, he was often bullied.

Though he managed to make friends that accepted him for who he was, and he would often act like a mother hen towards them. His older friends liked to play pranks and eventually the group started to sneak out at night. At first Ziyan would go with them because he was worried something might happen to them, but then he started getting curious about the places they went to. The group would sometimes go into forbidden places or steal food from shops. Ziyan didn't take any food, but still went inside with his friends, out of curiousity.

One night , they explored an old building in town. While they were inside, a fire broke out, due to a defective and old electricity cable. While most of his friends were able to escape, Ziyan was left behind , inside the burning building despite his cries for help. In the end the end he managed to jump out of a window, after running through the fire and gettting nastily burned by falling debris and walls. The boy was however caught by the firefighters who had arrived at the place. He spent some time in a poor hospital, to treat his burns. He wondered what he would do now... When the hospital where he stayed at asked him who was taking care of him, he replied with a 'no one',  hoping that maybe this way he wouldn't have to go back to that orphanage. He didn't want to return to there, since his friends had abandoned him. The staff then called the Academy, since someone had to take care of the bills, and the Academy sent Joakim to take care of Ziyan. 


+ friendly
+ loyal
+ caring
+ clean

/ easily distracted
/ curious

- clumsy
- shy
- quiet
- pessimistic


+ cake
+ seeing people be happy
+ sleeping in the sun

- fire
- being alone
- the cold

Ability: His ability is being really quiet when walking.
Path: Combat Medic
Basic herbs: Your child can quickly grow herbs for various uses as they study herbology. A root to put into a poultice to disinfect, or an herb that gives energy once chewed for teammates.
Poison: Along with useful herbs, your child learns toxic ones. These can be used to poison teammates’ weapons, or to harm the enemy directly.


- is terrified of fire
- is blind in one eye
- has a huge burn that covers half his face, his shoulder, and part of his back and collarbone


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