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2014 has been a crazy year. Very busy personal life making it hard to draw much and without an actual computer I don't upload as much either. Miss coming on here all the time and seeing tons of wonderful art from amazing artists. Hopefully I'll be able to draw more soon. Miss this place! Haha 
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Okay so drawing is out of the question right now cuz almost every time i go to draw i remember theres no sketch book >.< (where o where did it go??? ugh!!) as well as something else coming up and i have to stop every couple minutes. But I've been reminded of my photography. and that will have to be my art (muse? i dont know the word im looking for) :/ its not my favorite type of art to produce, with me not having a great camera or skill (if only i could take pictures with my eyes)
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Sadly, i wont be submitting for a while bc i have a new pretty baby to take care of. so No new works till he gets older and i get free time.

Facebook and email though if you want to talk.
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Yes this is alot of typing, but of course this is my journal(so ya dont wanna read you dont have to) Anyways...I have new-found inspiration from a movie I am watching, which led to more thinking and the flowing of more creative juices=haha=so this journal is more or less to remind me to "get-r-done" and start on these projects(woohoo)

One of these days(and hopefully soon cuz i've been dying to do one) I will get around to drawing couples...

I keep seeing really awesome drawings of cute couples(love the Sasusaku ones) and its making me really want to get to work on some of my own. >.< ...since I seem to be have quite a few Bleach drawings lately, maybe something from there, or Final Fantasy...who knows. I just really want to get at least one done*sighs*

it might be because I am procrastinating or something, I have had the thought of drawing a couple lots of times in the past yet it seems not to happen.
Lo and behold- I Will Get it Done.             (hopefully XD)

~Hugs Not Drugs-Make Love Not War~
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Finally, after waiting for so long, i have a scanner. so now my uploads will look much better. woohoo!

Going to go back and re-upload to make my pieces slightly better :)
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